Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: SXS Continuously Variable toy...

R-01 Continuously Variable (aka "not Gears") 

Manufacturer: SXS
Price: $70 USD
Available: Now 

Comments:  I never had a G1 Gears and he hasn't gotten the Classics treatment (so far) so I sprang for this third party guy (there's also a iGear version out there, btw).
   As a toy he's comparable to the Deluxe class size that Hasbro puts out. He comes with two hand guns (same mold, different colors). Contrary to the BBTS website, the toy does not have swords (no idea why they're pictured).
   He's not bad... my only real complaints are that his head seems a bit flat. It turns 360 degrees but they could've added a little bit more "bulk" to it, made it more rounded out (like I always pictured Brawn being). Also, his backpack in robot mode (i.e. car rooftop, wheels, etc.) doesn't really lock down as well as it could. They really should've made a piece to clip it together instead of hoping it would more or less stay where it is (some of Hasbro's Classics toys also have this problem though).
   His SUV mode is pretty good overall. It does lock together fairly well and looks quite good. I suppose they could've made some holes for his weapons to store on the vehicle mode (but it's not a big deal really. I'm just nitpicking now).
   The price is...iffy. Honestly, this toy should be a bit cheaper. I realize all third party toys are expensive and they're a very small run compared to what Hasbro or Takara do, but part of me wonders why a Deluxe sized toy is so much money. Couldn't they have sold it for, say, $50 instead?

Verdict:  Good. If you love Gears and don't mind the price, pick this guy up. He's not perfect (what is, though? :) but he's fairly decent overall.

Blurr appears to be next...

A bit flat headed...

Comic Review...

Transformers Regeneration One #0

Writer: Simon Furman
Artists: Casey Coller. Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson, Jose Delbo, Nick Roche
Covers: Andrew Wildman (A), Guido Guidi (B), Geoff Senior (RI), Casey Coller (RE)

Summary:  ZERO POINT! Adventure in the time stream, as HOT ROD desperately attempts to identify the rogue elements that are leading him, and the entire CYBERTRONIAN race, inexorably towards the catastrophic end of time itself. What hidden stories do the DEATHBRINGER, BOLTAX, BUSTER WITWICKY, and GALVATRON have to tell, and what—if any—solutions are there? Or is it already too late?

Comments: This was a cool gimmick issue, utilizing past popular TF artists to portray eras they were known for (Geoff Senior for the Deathbringer flashback, Jose Delbo for the Buster/Jesse story, etc.) The art styles clash and the differences are quite noticeable but I can see what they were trying to do here so I'll give that a pass. 
   We're not really given a clear reason in-story for why the timeline is fracturing. One would assume that it would be clearly "drawn" for the reader but instead all the reader gets is hints... something to do with the evil Matrix residue, Spike's guilt over the loss of family, Jhiaxus existence and plans, the alternate timeline where Galvatron and his Decepticons triumphed over the Autobots. It will be interesting to see how Furman draws these disparate plot points into something coherent in the final five issues that remain of this series (I hope we're not disappointed).
   I would also like to see some real explanation in-story for why Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime resembles Primus. Is he the ultimate Prime? Perhaps created to unite their kind once and for all, ending war for all time? If not... frankly, I'd be disappointed if he ends up being another Prime "just because".

Verdict: Very Good.


Cover "A" by Andrew Wildman

Cover "B" by Guido Guidi

Retailer Incentive cover by Geoff Senior

Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Time Has Come...

The Spring/Summer 2013 issue of the Transmasters Magazine is now available! Check it out TODAY! Feedback is always welcome (as are submissions toward future issues).

(My Crimson Destiny story is not ready yet but I didn't wish to wait any longer so I'll post it when it is. Also, the next issue will be out in November, assuming all goes to plan).

- Thunder