Monday, June 23, 2008

TF Comic Review...

Transformers Spotlight

Writers: Simon Furman (story/script) and Klaus Scherwinski (story)
Artist: Klaus Scherwinski

Synopsis: Wheelie thinks back to the Great War and how he was sent on a scouting missions years before. He crashed on a planet and has been trying to survive the brutal terrain ever since. One day, he sees what looks like another ship crashing through the atmosphere. He travels after it, dragging his energon convertor with him (the gizmo giving him the ability to continue functioning by synthesizing fuel for him). After a while, he finds a Decepticon ship with Reflector torturing an alien. He frees the alien, allowing it to escape and Reflector to give chase while he boards the ship. But he quickly finds it's ruined beyond repair (also one of the Reflectors is on-board and dead). Wheelie decides to go help the alien out...he finds it nearby and communicates with it. However, it's translator only understands language in rhyme so he adapts his speech to that pattern. They have another ship and the duo work to get it functioning--Wheelie even uses his energon convertor to power it. Just as they get it ready to launch, the two Reflector find them and hold the alien hostage. Wheelie has to decide between launching without his new friend or letting the Decepticons win. He lets the Decepticons take the ship instead... however, he took the safety cap off the energon convertor before he left the ship and it explodes in the air, taking the Decepticons with it. The duo construct a crude shelter and wait things out. Epilogue... some debris in the ancient city/ship has a Quintesson glyph on it.

Comments: Simon Furman said it couldn't be done. He was wrong. Somebody actually did a good TF story based around Wheelie. Apparently this was Klaus Scherwinski's baby all along (I actually posted on Furman's blog before this was announced and suggested he try a Wheelie story too. Just as a lark mostly--I knew it could be done). Anyway, this story was a pretty good spotlight tale and stayed well within the parameters of what a spotlight story is supposed to be (unlike the Cyclonus one). The art is very good overall, although I felt like Klaus made Wheelie look a little too wussy in several panels. I would've like a couple more lines on his face to reduce that appearance (minor nitpick, I know). A good one-shot all in all (I do hope they leave the Quintessons out of the IDW-verse otherwise).



Transformers Spotlight
Revelation, part one

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: EJ Su

(covers by EJ Su and Nick Roche)

Summary: Cyclonus flies over Cybertron's charred surface and reminisces about it's condition. He determines someone must pay... Elsewhere, Hound and his unit depart Cybertron for Garrus-9. Sideswipe whines about how they're not going to go look for Sunstreaker on Earth, etc. Hound goes to chastize him when they're abruptly attacked. It turns out it's Cyclonus, who wants to make someone pay for Cybetron's state... They warn him off then blow him up when he ignores them. That doesn't last long, though and he attacks again. They send out a distress signal and Ultra Magnus responds. On Garrus-9, Prime, Prowl and others wonder what happened and how the Monster Pretenders could've been released (I think this ties into the Arcee spotlight that I missed). Meanwhile, Nightbeat wonders at a mission file he recorded to a world he has no memory of being at. He contacts Hardhead and asks for help... Ultra Magnus saves Hound's crew and decides to pursue Cyclonus. Hound and crew decide to back him up (at Sideswipe's urging). Elsewhere, Arcee tortures some generic Decepticon and demands he tell her Banzaitron's plans! He relents... Cylconus flies to a moon and lands. He activates the Nega-core and plans to reactivate the Guardian, but hesitates on that point. The Autobots have tracked him there and attack him. They best him but he manages to switch on the Guardian, who turns out to be Thunderwing! Cyclonus escapes and Ultra Magnus sends a tracking device off after him. Thunderwing guards the cavern that Cyclonus had used the Nega-Core in and does not leave it...
Optimus Prime gathers his forces in the wake of this while Nemesis Prime and his forces begin the transition.

Comments: Not much of a spotlight really. Mostly, we get that Cyclonus is a bit unstable and, um, he's fine with that once he realizes it. Okay... Otherwise, the Revelation storyline is front and center here. I hope this storyline ties everything off--I've felt for some time that there's too much going on at 0nce. Like Furman wanted to throw everything and the kitchen sink in too. I hope this conclusively deals with the whole dead universe/Thunderwing/Sixshot/Arcee/Nightbeat/Galvatron/etc. stuff and clears the decks for new stuff to happen. The art was good as usual--although I ended up with the Roche cover (I wanted the Su one but when there's no other option available...take what you can get, I guess). A decent story overall but like I said, I hope it ties some stuff up finally.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Minor site update and other news...

I finally got around to adding BOP #35's story to my website yesterday night.

It's here:

The final issue's story. As with any of the stories, feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

- Otherwise, I hope to get around to doing up that BOP CD-ROM one of these days... when it's finally completed, it will have all of the issues of BOP on it in pdf format (including the covers, profiles, letter columns, intro columns, etc).

- I'm also working on getting more of my fanfic (Legends) that appeared in the TM online magazine finished up. Next up: part three with Grimlock. Two more parts are slated to follow afterward before it's complete.

- Finally, the TF comic script is finished (in rough, anyway) and I will eventually get around to drawing that up. But it will be some time before it's ready... likely toward the end of the year.


Monday, June 09, 2008

B.O.T.S. Convention Holland

I was there also Sunday afternoon with Olaf, Daniel and my girlfriend.
We left from Zwolle and arrived at around 1 o'clock I think. Immediatly after entering the building I registered for the "Jumpstarter Challenge", and after that we tried to fill out this years quiz. After all, some of us remembered the difficult questions from a few years back but during the task we noticed that it got somewhat easier.

Time for the first runaround ! After a quick look at the TFAnimated toys that were put in glass housing for viewing only we walked on and found stuff where I was looking for, Marvel UK G1 comics, first I found No 59 and a little later it was joined by No 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 243 ! :D
By now I was thinking....Ready ! Finished !....but ofcourse I kept looking and searching.

Further on my list was Mega Octane vfrom the RID line, but didn't come across the toy and I wanted to buy some Animated stuff !!(after paying offcourse....)
Then my girlfriend had a queastion:" don't they have that rabiit ? what's his name again ?" "Euh hmmm Stampy right ?" and sure enough a little later we found that one, her first Transformer !

After a short break involving fries and kroket(dutch snack) the time came to participate in the Jumpstarter challenge, with a 'whopping' 5 people involved, anyway I came in second with my very vintage TopSpin !! I was very pleased with my TFMovie Robot Replica Bumblebee and will defend my second place next year.

After another round I bought an Encore Jazz/Meister and after a few more rounds of walking and doubt an Encore Starscream joined him ! My girlfriend bought an Animated Bumblebee because she thought it was cute !

Conclusion: a great improvement comparing to next year !
More space, which made the temperature bearable !
Also nice was the special place for smaller kids, just say the "next generation" of fans showing in that corner the ditch version of TFArmada !
More dealers ! Too bad the Drawing and Kitbash competions were cancelled but I had a really good time and it was nice to see the faces behind the names/websites, which makes it even more fun !

see you next year !


Additional photo and video will follow !
official Dutch convention site
...and yes, then I will wear my Deaths Head II T-Shirt again.....