Monday, October 11, 2010

Comic Review...

Transformers: Drift #3 (of 4)

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Alex Milne

(cover by Alex Milne)

Summary: Drift's presence has been discovered, and he must now choose between old allies and new. Can one final act of courage save his soul? Or has he gone too far toward darkness to ever hope of coming back? A colossal battle is brewing, and Drift's future has never been more uncertain!

Comments: The second issue ends with it seeming like Drift might betray the neutrals. Issue #3 turns this around and makes it clear he's on-side (it's possible he's playing them but I don't think so. There's not enough time in the story to go that direction now and it wouldn't make much sense). Basically, the third issue sets up the final one with Drift and others plotting to deceive the slavers and Decepticons into thinking they are the only ones there so the new Crystal City can continue on without them. The art is still good and the story is still somewhat interesting (if a tad predictable). Obviously, Drift will survive all this and emerge a stronger, better person, etc. One thing I don't care for is how quickly Drift changes sides in this series. We get a rationale for it but there could be more depth. He's a loner/drifter taken and molded by Megatron, then he gets here and quickly changes sides. A bit more on the why might've made it more convincing and interesting (a better writer could've easily done it. As it is, McCarthy's not quite up to it). Ironically, I usually complain IDW goes too long with its stories--this series could've actually used another issue to better flesh out the character.

Verdict: Mildly Recommended.

Friday, October 08, 2010

PCC Smolder preview sketch art

First sketch of Smolder for my Powercore combiner story for the Transmasters magazine. It's not entirely symmetrical but this being a sketch I think it's allright.


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