Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Comic Review...

Transformers: Regeneration One #90

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Andrew Wildman (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (inks)
Covers: Andrew Wildman (A), Guido Guidi (B), Geoff Senior (RI)

Summary:  TOO LITTLE—TOO LATE! As Scorponok’s Dark Reign comes ever closer to spreading right across Cybertron, Grimlock launches a desperate counterstrike, in the face of almost innumerable odds. Does the Dinobot commander really have one last ace up his sleeve, or does his “plan” amount to a glorious—but doomed—last stand?

Comments:  This is still my favorite TF comic at the moment.
   This issue wraps up the Scorponok storyline by undoing the damage he's done and having the seemingly final confrontation between Grimlock and his nemesis. I still think they could've done a bit more with this storyline (I feel the need to package each storyline neatly into a TPB worked against the artistry of the story here) but the wrap-up is reasonably good as it is.
   We also get a bit more about Hot Rod and his sub-plot with the under-dwellers. He believes they are to be destroyed as this is what Primus wanted. But it's not what he is willing to do. I look forward to seeing how this plot thread turns out.
   The art is mostly good although, as mentioned before, Pounce and Wingspan--the clones--still look different. This issue seemed to have a few less anamolies this time around though overall. (Apparently, Guido Guidi will be taking over the art duties at some point which I'm torn on. He's a great artist--but it will be strange if Wildman doesn't complete this run).

Verdict: Excellent! A must-buy!

Cover "A" by Andrew Wildman

Cover "B" by Guido Guidi

Retailer Incentive Cover by Geoff Senior

Comic Review...

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #15

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Andrew Griffith
Covers: Andrew Griffith (A), Casey Coller (B), Marcelo Matere (RI)

Summary:  FINAL BATTLE! The leadership of Cybertron will be decided once and for all! It’s all-out war against the forces of MEGATRON! Will the Autobots wrest control from their attackers—or will the DECEPTICON flag fly over Cybertron forever? Heroes will fall, and nothing will stay the same.

Comments:  The fight begins. As the Decepticons try to overrun the city, Ironhide, the Dinobots and Superion all show up and fight back. The Autobots fight valiantly until Devastator begins to think on his own...
   A good issue overall. After so much build-up for so long these issues are worth it. It's mostly a battle issue but I enjoyed it all the same. By issue's end, it's still anybody's guess as to who will come out on top in the end. And no matter who wins, what will the ultimate fate of Cybertron and the TF race as a whole be?

Cover "B" by Casey Coller

Verdict: Very Good.

Comic Review...

Cover "B" by Livio Ramondelli
Transformers Spotlight: Trailcutter

Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Matt Frank
Covers: Matt Frank (A), Livio Ramondelli (B), Clayton Crain (RI/RE)

Summary:  STEALTH ATTACK! Trailcutter has a problem: the Lost Light has been taken over by the Decepticons—and no one else seems to have noticed! Can the Autobots’ defense strategist singlehandedly see off an army of infiltrators? And even if he does, will it convince his crew mates that he's got more to offer than kind words and forcefields?

Comments: This issue tells us why Trailbreaker changes his name to "Trailcutter" (I don't care about these Hasbro mandated changes. He'll always be Trailbreaker to me--just like Hot Rod will never be "Rodimus" just because).
   On the plus side, it also shows us the Deluxe Insecticons, characters who rarely, if ever, get any spotlighting in a TF story.
   Otherwise...meh. The artwork fails to impress me and the story was kind of run of the mill. Trailcutter has to save the day when the others are incapacitated and hijinks ensue. It's not a bad story or anything it just didn't really impress me either. It doesn't move the overall story along and I don't really know enough about this character (in this continuity) to be all that interested in his plight.

Verdict:  Average.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Transformers Titan UK Magazine 4.14 VIDEO review.

Transformers Titan UK Magazine 4.14 VIDEO review.

Got it by mail on April 4th 2013.
Again as last time, a video review of the issue. I tried a different approach this time, next time I will prepare a bit more. (saves a bit of editing)

Excuse my poor english.

Greetz Johan/Backbreaker