Saturday, November 26, 2005

Transformers: Bootleg

As reported in Tony K.'s BotCon 2005 report there was
a b/w media being given out for free. This was a 43 page
media with art, some of those Generation Dumb comics,
and stories. For all of us who did not get it:
she has posted it up in .pdf format for all to see. I beleive
she used to be a former TransMaster member and produced
Roll Out!  I will try to contact her soon and see if she's
still interested in the club.
On another note, we have now seen the new merger
logo for the combined company. I thought they said
they were going to get rid of Takara, but it is now just
the Takara and Tomy names like before but in white on
a sort of purple background rounded square. So I guess
we have to say (C) Hasbro/Takara Tomy in January,
unless it's changed again....wouldn't surprise you now,
would it?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Transmasters Yahoo Groups Update...

We do and have had for some time a yahoo groups e-list. At Pierrimus' bequest, I went through and cut out all of the old emails that were coming up as "bouncing". Some are old people that are no longer interested and some are people who changed addresses but didn't update them with the list.
If, by some chance, you were cut off accidentally (your account was full and it was bouncing the posts back or you were just a person who stopped in and browsed the posts every so often) then I apologize. We're just trying to get things a bit more up to date with the list.

If you need to be re-added, or just want to join, go to:

You can either get the posts emailed to you directly, by daily digest or just put down "no emails" and come read the posts when it pleases you (I recommend the email option, but whatever's good for you).

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Star Wars Transformers...Force meets Matrix?

Well, I thought they would be just rumors...but we now have official notice that Star Wars and Transformers have collided. I know before that I wrote that crossover stories were a bad idea due to the property owner's rights involved. But since we now have an official crossover at least in the toys I'm going to say anyone who wants to do art/stories etc. for this line are free to do so for the TransMasters Magazine and Comic. Below is the web address for the official Star Wars toy site with their article on these new toys.
Star Wars Transformers Site

In their Terms of Use:"The creation of derivative works based on the materials contained herein including, but not limited to, products, services, fonts, icons, link buttons, wallpaper, desktop themes, on-line postcards and greeting cards and unlicensed merchandise (whether sold, bartered or given away) is expressly prohibited."

I guess I should warn you of their legal junk, but I say scrap it, just make sure you put this:

Copyright Lucasfilm 2005. All rights reserved

on any of the Star Wars Transformers stuff you may create. If there is enough of this type of material I'll put it in the normal TF disclaimer area.

Here's my quick take on a possible story line: This is an Alternate Universe story where in this Universe Unicron devoured Cybertron a long long time ago. The Empire came across some scattered remains of Transformers that escaped the Chaos Bringer's big meal. Though these were sparkless corpses the Empire was able to advance their technology through what they learned. In an effort to counter the Empire's edge, the Rebellion captured one of the dormant newly excavated Transformers. This robot does not seem as severely decayed as the others and the Rebellion Technicians are capable of repairing it. To everyone's surprise this turns out to be Alpha Trion or some other ancient Matrix Bearer. Through twists and turns we will come to learn that Unicron still exists and because of the bearer's reactivation he's now headed toward the Empire. To cut to the chase the story would end in a bang where Obi Wan has to keep Darth Vader and General Grievous busy while Luke uses his robot to deliver the Matrix into the heart of the power converter on the Death Star, which then will either be a new body for Primus or just blow Unicron to atomic particles..(Hey why not both?) LOL. (Don't expect me to write this up anytime soon, I'm probably already over my head on some stuff, but feel free to run with your own ideas.)