Friday, November 19, 2010

FALL 2010 issue ready!

The Fall 2010 issue of the Transmasters Magazine is now live! You can view in all its glory, HERE:

Unfortunately this issue is lacking part two of my Opening Shots comic. Simply put, I didn't have enough time to work on the art this time around... I hope to have it ready for the February issue though. In its stead, I present my Legacy of Darkness comic script instead. A special thanks to both Johan and Peter for their efforts in this latest issue.

Comments are welcome!

Monday, November 15, 2010

TransMasters Magazine Submissions...

After a week of working to get it done, my content for the next issue of the Transmasters Magazine (Fall 2010) is ready. If anyone wants to submit any content for the next issue, please send it in by November 20th at the latest so I can get this issue done up and ready. (email it to: tkphoton at



Thursday, November 04, 2010

Radio Free Cybertron 11th Anniversary Contests

Hi Transmasters members, it's Rob from RFC just letting everybody know about the cool contests we are running at RFC. As it's our 11th anniversary (yeah, we've been on for that long) we decided to end the year with a bang and offer our listeners with all sorts of cool prizes to win. Details can be found here on

Here's the list of prizes we have!

One (1 winner) Blurr, One (1 winner) Darkmount

Three (3 winners) Showdown (Hardcover), One (1 winner) All Fall Down (Hardcover), One (1 winner) Last Stand, One (1 winner) Matrix Quest, Two (2 winners) Treason, One (1 winner) Second Generation, Two (2 winners) Fallen Angel, Two (2 winners) Target: 2006, One (1 winner) Perchance to Dream, Two (2 winners) Earthforce

One (1 winner) August 2009, One (1 winner) September 2009

One (1 winner) Fanboy Versus Clock, One (1 winner) XL ENI T-Shirt

Check us out at and keep supporting Transmasters!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A little bit delayed...

Due to some life complications, the current issue of the Transmasters Magazine will be a bit delayed. I hope to have it out later this month though. (I got a new job recently and am behind on my work for the TM Mag... I bought several new TF toys and needed to add them to my review article as well (also waiting on another one in the mail). It's just been busy of late so if anyone's working on anything for the mag, you still have time. I will announce the deadline for submissions for this issue before the issue's ready to come out...


Monday, November 01, 2010

Comic Review...

Transformers: Drift #4 (of 4)

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Alex Milne

(cover by Alex Milne)

Summary: The time for conflict has arrived! But can Drift possibly hope to survive the coming onslaught? Old fears are put aside and new bonds are forged as Drift and the Knights prepare to make their final stand!

Comments: The final battle. Can good triumph over evil? Is the sky blue? An adequate ending to an adequate story. As usual with IDW, this story just didn't wow me... it was okay but that's all the praise I can really give it. We all knew it was a flashback and that Drift would survive so there was little real drama there. As mentioned in my previous reviews, not enough is done to establish Drift's true motivations in becoming a Decepticon in the first place nor in his change of heart in this story. Without that, this story has no real soul and feels like a superficial exercise instead of the epic it should be. We don't even have much happen to the Neutrals so Drift doesn't even have any guilt to carry with him in that aspect either. Shallow storytelling with nice art... (of all the issues I think the first one was the best).

Verdict: Mildly recommended.
The Series as a Whole: Neutral.