Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Official TF club toys now available...

Just got this email from the TF club...

"To order Astrotrain or Airazor, please follow the directions below as we will
NOT take phone orders until Thursday. Emailed orders will take priority. We
will start processing and making callbacks today from our list of emails. We
will get to you in the order the emails were received. Again, we will NOT take
any calls on these items until Thursday.

Please send an email to angie@mastercollector.com with the following

If you need to have someone call you back, just include your phone number and
name. If you have a credit card on file (which most of you do) please give us
the last 4 numbers of the credit card and expiration date, verify your shipping
address in case it is different from your mailing address, make sure you put
your first and last (not your screen name) name and daytime phone number on your

Then tell us what you want to pre-order. These two pieces are currently
scheduled to arrive here in late January.

We are limiting the quantities you can order to two of each (two Astrotrains,
two Airazors) until December 11, to give all members a chance to order what they
want. Some people are not online and they will not see the announcement until
they get their newsletter. There are only 2,000 pieces of each item.

You must be a member to order these items. If someone is not a member, they can
join at the same time.

Astrotrain is $87 +shipping, Airazor is $42 +shipping. Shipping is $7 domestic
for the first item and $1 for each additional item. Foreign shipping will vary
by country. If you are placing a foreign order, we will calculate the airmail
cost and add it to your order.

Example order: if you are domestic and order one Astrotrain and one Airazor the
total cost will be $137.

Also, if you are a foreign member and need a call back, we will call you though
the time of day might be very late or very early.

We have put these rules in place to make this process as easy, simple and fair
as possible. Please follow them.

In case you are wondering why we are not taking orders online: the programmers
are working on a pre-order module for the store but it is not finished. Also it
is not a good idea to test new code with such an overwhelming amount of
processing. We would prefer to test it in a simpler environment to ensure there
is not another Nemesis Prime problem.

Thanks for your support! If you have a question please put it in the Ask Brian
area in the members forum and I will answer it. Angie and the other support
staff will be a bit busy.



I haven't seen the Airrazor toy yet... hope it's cool! :)

- Thunder

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TransMasters Magazine Issue #3--Finally done

Well, fellow Transfans, here is Issue 3, short as it is.
Work's been keeping me VERY busy. So here it goes:

TransMasters Magazine Issue 3

Yes, I know, on Geocities again? Ah well that's how it is for now.
This issue includes:
--Big Beast Wars KO-Korner
--More Cheap Wal-Mart Video Reviews
--Four more parts of the Cybertron Story (Which I hope to wrap up in the next issue of the Comic)
--And... Big Suprize here...Trans Formers: Balance Of Power has Returned!!! Yea.
Thanks. Hopefully I can get more time in the future. I really want to do some work on the new Classics Line...I'll wait to judge the new Movie toys until I see them all.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Comic Review...

Transformers Stormbringer #4

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Don Figueroa
(Covers by Don Figueroa)

Synopsis: Thunderwing returns to Cybertron while the Autobots prepare for his arrival. In orbit, the Predacons prepare to bombard the planet as per Megatron's orders. Thunderwing experiences flashes of memory before landing on the surface and unleashing his raw power. The Autobots employ hit and run tactics against him to no avail. Jetfire deduces that if they can get Thunderwing to expend enough power he might run out of steam. The Decepticons in orbit launch two assault teams to try and aide the Autobots before they are required to nuke the planet. Optimus has his warriors re-program the Centurion droids and have them attack Thunderwing as well. Thunderwing is slowed down until he converts to a new secondary form that is more armored. The Decepticons decide to pull out and it's up to Optimus Prime to finish off the Pretender with his own firepower. Thunderwing runs out of power as predicted and goes immobile. The Decepticons call off their attack and leave while Optimus wonders what more damage Thunderwing may have caused wherever he went. Later on, Jetfire finds a trail leading to Earth and Optimus decides to head there immediately.

Comments: Someone else mentioned that this story didn't really need to be it's own mini-series--that could've fit the regular series just fine as a storyline (although IDW's way of doing things seems to be that every storyline is a mini anyway). At any rate, I agree this story didn't really need to be hyped up as a big event because it really wasn't. However, it does fit the main IDW continuity very well, revealing another piece of the puzzle. I enjoyed Stormbringer overall, both as a story and the art as well. While it wasn't a big epic, it wasn't the letdown that I felt Beast Wars and Hearts of Steel were. I felt something was accomplished with this tale and appreciate that.

This issue: Highly Recommeded.

Series overall: Recommended.