Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Devastation #5

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: E.J. Su

(Covers by E.J. Su and Nick Roche)

Summary: In a flashback, Starscream worries that Sixshot is too powerful to exist--if he were ever to turn against them then he doubts he could protect Megatron. Megatron laughs and says that he's not worried--certainly he would never create such a great weapon and not give it an "off" switch. In the here and now, the Decepticons react to the Reapers threat... Starscream schemes to Astrotrain, preparing for what's to come. Sixshot meanwhile, attacks the Reapers' ship and damages/destroys it while they watch and plan to gauge his loyalty to his comrades. In orbit, Ratchet works frantically to try and resuscitate Jimmy and Verity. Below, Hot Rod and Wheeljack are attacked by the Headmaster Sunstreakers again. With Wheeljack incapacitated, Hot Rod is left to deal with multiple targets. Elsewhere, Hunter knocks out a scientist that walks in on him--but not before he can raise an alarm. Hunter rushes to the factory floor where the Sunstreaker clone bodies are waiting and prepares to merge with one. Sixshot engages the Reapers, who try to reason with him and have him join them. Starscream chooses that time to act, challenging Sixshot in battle. Before he can fire a shot, Starscream uses a code to shut him down and render him inert. The Decepticons are forced to go out and fight the Reapers themselves. Elsewhere, Optimus decides they must leave Earth for the time being as another matter has come to his attention. Epilogue: Skywatch confirms another engagement in Oregon (the Decepticons vs. Reapers) and tells their researchers to prep the Eureka-six for battle (we see an image of the dormant Grimlock).

Comments: A busy issue which advances all of the main plot points, if only by grueling inches. It's nice that Grimlock will soon be back and that Soundwave's re-appearance was hinted at last issue. As for the future, I predict that Hunter/Sunstreaker will go to help out Hot Rod just before he gets overwhelmed by the Sunstreaker clones. I'm glad that Verity and Jimmy were saved--I really think killing them off would be pointless in the long run. I also think Sixshot will be reconsidering his options when he's turned back on and realizes he really is just a tool and not a being proper. Did the space Autobots (Prime and co.) plan to go after the Monstercons (or did I just interpret that wrong? I just don't know of any other "dangerous prisoners" in the story at the moment--and it makes sense, doesn't it?) Hopefully, next issue will wrap some stuff up a bit more...
A note on the covers. I bought E.J. Su's this time as I had a choice of covers (I usually like Roche's art but his cover was very uninspired, imo).