Thursday, September 24, 2009

TFUK Titan comic review: issue 2.4

Titan Transformers UK issue 2.4, October 2009.

Script: Simon Furman
Art: Jon Davis-Hunt

backup story:
Sript: Shane McCarthy
Art: Guido guidi

Trying something new here....don't hold your breath if this doesn't work....

I recieved this comic by post on wednesday the 23 september. I glanced over my 2 free gifts, which are a yellow and black push powered 'missile launcher' including 1 'missile' and a bag of sweets, the latter i quickly removed because i hate that stuff when attached to the cover of a comic that I want to keep.

Onto the cover itself, it's really just stock footage of Ironhide I suppose, too bad they couldn't use a proper artist but then again: What's the use of art when it's partially hidden behind the free gifts ?

On page 5 begins the main story set firmly before Revenge of the Fallen, "New Tricks" which features Ravage who has to interrogate Skids and Mudflap because they have information concerning 'the second coming of our master'. right.

We move to a training session very similar to the Xmen(tm) Danger room featuring Skids and Mudflap who are being re-trained by Sideswipe. He is later subdued by Ravage who then chases after Skids and Mudflap who ultimately defeat him by setting a trap. Sideswipe laters confronts Skids and Mudflap and cannot believe the base was infiltrated, when asked to show the captured Ravage, they opened his cage only to find out that he escaped, adding more to the disbelief Sideswipe already has for the twins.
It ends with Soundwave catching a comment that neither Skids nor Mudflap are quite what they claim to be. Interesting.....

So, I liked this story, The UK movie comic seems to concentrate more on Skids and Mudflap since the restart 4 issues ago, giving them decent characterisation. Also I think mr Furman has a relaxed time here, what is essentially a lower profile comic compared to the US titles, enabling to tell more background and generally build story. COmpared to the first 25 issues that went before, where most issues were a bit rushed, it really seems that some classic moment is coming. Time will tell ofcourse. And the Art I REALLY like ! consistent art instead of different artists every issue, a blessing !
7,2 out of 10

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continuing issue 3 of the US series, starting with page nine 9 till the end.
( Great Art by Guidi, read Tony's review for something more indept, sept 23, 2008)

2 Posters, One with Ironhide cover art and one with the AHM 4 by Trevor Hutchison.
4 competitions to win voyager figures, Nintendo DS games, and books by Steve Feasey and Jill Marshall.

a 2 page profile on Ravage.

a couple videogame reviews, Wii resorts, The Beatles rockband and RooGoo.(no idea)

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the letterpage(law and disorder)/horoscope(starscreams stars)

That's it.

(hope you don't mind me 'lending'your layout tony....)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just a heads up

Hey guys, just wanted to spread the word that Radio Free Cybertron has been back on the air since mid summer running full steam and even with a new sister show to boot!

If any of you would like to check us out, were still at TFradio!