Sunday, October 28, 2007

Transmasters Comic Issue 5

Well, it didn't work so I set up another account for the new stuff:

Hope you enjoy the issue, let me know if you have any problems. I put a lot of work into the issue so, comments please? If you are interested, I'll also be posting character studies for 2 of the Quintesson characters featured in this issue at my deviant art page.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just dropping a line to show you Pierrimus' update

I've been working on this update for my Pierrimus character for the Binaltech/Alternators, or like I like to call it: BINALTERTECH. I tried to link my profile to the image hosted on the google picasa web thing, but it woud not work. A bigger/better image is on the deviant art page. I'll get to creating a profile later. The vehicle is based on the 1988 Audi Aztec Italdesign Giugiaro Spider, a rare concept vehicle that I think looks very cybertronic. The dual cockpit design is interesting and I just liked the car, one of those, "I'll never be able to afford to buy it, but it looks neat," kind of cars.

I built a new freebie site on, but it seems there might be a 24 hour period prior to being able to access the files I I'll post the link here to comic 5 once I'm sure it works. Hopefully tommorow.

Let me know what you think, I know I could have done more....but I had to also stop sometime.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

TF Comic Review...

Transformers Beast Wars
The Ascending #2

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Don Figueroa

(covers by Don Figueroa and Nick Roche)

Synopsis: Unicron's spirit tells the evil Fuzors (in non-fuzor modes) that the Ascending is threatened and the Vessel must be protected. He has two go to continue propogating the Angolmois energy while he sends one to Earth and the Beast Wars. On Earth, Razorbeast's Maximals and Ravage's Predacons continue to fight. The Preds seem to be gaining the advantage but then Grimlock arrives to save the day. Snarl goes to aid his comrades, leaving Ravage alone. He rises, breaks off his bonds and grabs the temporal gizmo from last issue and activates it. There, Magmatron grabs him and warns him of the impending doom coming to Cybertron. On Cybertron, meanwhile, the Magnaboss team (aka the Imperium) ponders the civil unrest on their world and summons Big Convoy. B.C is busy investigating an attack and discovers more Angolmois energy present... Elsewhere, Shokaract absorbs more and more of the Angolmois energy, declaring that he will soon be a god! Elsewhen, the Pack arrive in the past above Earth and find their comrades. With the added reinforcements, the Maximals easily triumph. Then, Ravage reveals himself and tells them what's going on.But before they can do much, the Fuzor Rartorata (aka the U.S. Injector) shows up and attacks, taking out Razorbeast and making him turn all evil and enraged!

Comments: A bit better then last issue, to be honest. Unicron is back--groan! But the story might go some interesting places on the way to do battle with him and his forces. I may be wrong, but I'd always assumed that Shokoract was a powered up version of Rampage not a new character with the same look (I base this off the old "Omega Point" BotCon comic)--or perhaps he was and they changed it for this new continuity? I dunno. All in all, a decent issue.

Mildly recommended.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Niel Kaplan videos

Perhaps you remember me saying I went to the Sacramento Anime Convention in 2006? I took video of the discussion with Niel Kaplan-RID Optimus Prime for those who may not know. I posted it onto Google's video service in four pieces:

Just in case any of you are interested in hearing what he had to say about voice acting. I was a bit late to the event (I checked the web site the night before and it said a different time, got there and saw that I was already late. Oops.) I have to give kudos to the guy for being so accessable, this wasn't that big of an event held in Sacramento CA.

I'm targeting the 29th for the release of the next comic issue, just to let you know. Thanks.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Classics Bumblebee Animation

I know I've been promising to get this done up for a while now. I think the files were sitting around for probably a year now. The drawings are by hand, of course, and the compositioning was completed through a combination of Corel Draw and Ultimate Paint. I'm posting the .wmv version because it's smaller and hopefully you can all watch it. I had originally made an animated .gif file format, but at this size it was 9 megs compared to under 1 in .wmv format. I hope you like it.

BTW: I have also created a myspace account where I've been posting pics of what I've been up to, some of my non-TF sci fi/fantasy stuff and about me articles. (In case you were curious). This video below and that one I did of my Buzzsaw repaint are also posted there.

I've also begun to upload some of my oil painting work and photographs to the deviant art page. A project I've begun is to try to scan all my family's pictures and I'll probably post some of them there too, who knows someone might buy something?

Warlog Volume 2, Issue 2 finished !

Actually I finished the art yesterday at 03:00 AM but the final touches required another night so here it is.


Warlog Issue 2. (Trial of Superion part 2 of 5)
10 pages.
3.3 Mb size
cbr format
Next issue 12 December 2007 !

If any of you read it, could you please give comment/remarks so I can make it a better issue ! via mail or below this box....

now I can continue drawing for the Transmasters comic.....

greetings Johan,
This Saturday......AMSTERDAM.....IMAX.....TRANSFORMERS !!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

BOP #33...

Despite what I initially thought, BOP #33 is actually on time (I'm as shocked as you are. :) Anyway, it is now done and available for ordering! It costs $3/US issue for those who want the whole thing. Email me at to get a copy!

EDIT: The stories from BOP #31 & #32 *are* now up at:

In regards to the future issues, BOP #34 is done in rough and #35 is not written yet (only plotted). It's likely issue #34 will be out on time in November.

- Thunder

TF Comic Review...

Transformers Devastation #1

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: EJ Su

(covers by EJ Su and Nick Roche)

Synopsis: Nightbeat discovers that the computer with the surveillance data about the abandoned Decepticon base in Nebraska has a homing device in it, thus explaining how the Machination have been able to track them to-date. He suggests to Optimus Prime that they move Ark-19 immediately. Elsewhere, Hot Rod and Wheeljack home in on Ironhide's signal and plan to go rescue him before he's destroyed in a scrapyard. Megatron tells Sixshot to get out there and destroy the Autobots--he's sick of their interference. Nearby, the other Decepticons fear Megatron's gone mad and look to reactivating Starscream so he can dare to reason with their Leader. In Brasnya, the Skywatch put Ravage out (who's under their control) and tell him to find the other TFs.... Ravage subsequently howls like a dog (even though he's supposed to be a Jaguar). The humans whine how no one's listening to them while Prime orders Hound, Sideswipe, etc to return to Earth ASAP. Ratbat watches from a higher position as Ark-19 lifts off and informs Megatron. Megatron launches Sixshot after the Autobots, who attacks them mid-flight and their ship begins to crash--right in the middle of suburbia!

Comments: A great cliffhanger ending! The rest of the issue was decent too. I have to say I'm getting a little tired of all the background plotting, though. We have two groups of covert humans running around; the missing Sunstreaker and Hunter; Autobots vs. Decepticons and who knows how many other plot threads waiting to come into play. I want to see something conclusive come of the story called Devastation, like Earth gets destroyed or the Machination are revealed--or something already! Enough plotting, it's time for some pay-off! Other things of note: Ravage howls like a dog, for some reason (did we forget he's a cat?) And where exactly did Ratbat come from? He's never been mentioned before now. Otherwise, a decent issue...

Mildly Recommended.

Transformers Beast Wars
The Ascending #1

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Don Figueroa

(both covers by Don Figueroa)

Synopsis: Magmatron is temporally displaced after the events of the first mini-series. He can go everywhere in time but not affect anything at all. He witnesses the end of all Transformers then hops back to the Beast Wars once again and watches events. Ravage's Predacons assault Razorbeast's Maximals... Ravage uses the battle as a distraction to try and retrieve the Chronal Phase Facilitators (that Magmatron had tried to use to take Megatron back in the last series) because the main Beast Wars are over and Optimus Primal and the others are returning to the future and Cybertron. Razorbeast defeats him and Magmatron goes further back, to when they originally tried contacting the Maximals on Cybertron for help. The signal never reached Lioconvoy but somehow Magmatron can enhance the signal so it does reach Cybertron this time around. Lioconvoy and the others plan to launch a rescue party, ASAP. Somewhere else, a tyrant(Rampage?) plans to ascend to Godhood (or something nefarious)--is Magmatron's plotting too little, too late?

Comments: Another chapter of the IDW Beast Wars story... hmm. I found the first series to be a bit disappointing so I approached this issue skeptically. It seems like Furman is setting up some kind of new, cosmic apocalypse storyline--one possibly involving Shockoract/Unicron again. Yawn, how exciting... (I'm just tired of Unicron stories in general. I'd like to see him take a long rest in the TF mythos). It's too early to tell whether or not this story will be good or tank. With four issues, I'm not overly hopeful we'll see a resolution soon but perhaps he'll surprise us.

Mildly recommended.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Warlog preview art

Hi everyone,
a co-woker asked me to upload some art, mainly because he scanned it in for me and wanted to see the 'before an after' results.
So I thought I'd make it an item on the Blog and the regular warlog site.
It is a page that hopefully will be featured in the next Transmasters comic.
chek it out here on the news page >>>>> preview art

Greetings Backbreaker.
....Warlog issue 2 coming 10 october 2007....

TM Symbol/logo update

So, I've been playing around with Corel Draw a bit lately and wanted to come up with a more professional look to the club symbol. Below is a mini version and a sort of quickie-TF Animated themed logo...not really the one I preffer. I'm partial to my movie logo one, but thought I'd share. I'll post some bigger versions of the symbol on my deviant art site or if you have Corel Draw and want, I'll email the full file to you. Thanks.

New Cybertron Legends KOs

Just for the sake of being able to post something that might be relevant for the next week or so I was able to pick up these MORPHOBOTS, basically Cybertron Legends toys at the dollar tree yesterday. Here are some pics. The 3rd one is a comparrison with the Legends toys I have.