Saturday, February 16, 2013

Comic Review...

Transformers: Regeneration One #88

Writer: Simon  Furman
Artist: Andrew Wildman
(covers by Andrew Wildman, Guido Guidi and Geoff Senior (RI))

Summary:  WAR IN THE CITY! Anarchy reigns on the streets of Iacon as SCORPONOK’s grip tightens further, and those AUTOBOTS still willing and able to resist look to their absent leader--who is on an endangered list all of his own. Beneath the surface of CYBERTRON, HOT ROD runs for his life, locked on a collision course with his maker, PRIMUS!

Comments:  Scorponok, his Decepticons and converted Autobots overrun Cybertron while a select few characters evade his forces. Grimlock makes a short-lived stand against Scorponok but the other quickly shows him who is truly in-control. Elsewhere, Hot Rod flees the cyber demons beneath the surface, who give chase. Bludgeon and Soundwave make their own plans aboard the Warworld and it's insinuated Soundwave is alerted that Scorponok is on Cybertron remotely (via Spinister). And on Earth, Galvatron prepares to take the Ark (under control of the lobotomized Shockwave) to space. 
   The plot continues. The story is advancing slowly and, to be honest, I miss the old days when more stuff happened in one issue. It doesn't seem like all that much significant happens in this issue, just baby steps. But I like the overall plot so I can't really complain.
   In the bigger scheme, I would've thought that Bludgeon and company would've attacked first and then Scorponok would've shown up afterward to throw a spanner into things with his own plan. That sort of happens (in the sense that Soundwave makes the first move back in #80.5) but was a little surprised the Scorponok/Grimlock plot got priority (not that it really matters, of course).
   I also speculated that the Scorpy plot would've been complicated--that we would've gotten true neutral minded Transformers as opposed to just Autobots that now act like Decepticons. I feel like there could've been a lot more to that plot point and to see it executed so simply (we slap a device on you and boom! You're a Decepticon!) is a bit disappointing. It's not a game killing choice or anything, of course, but I wanted a bit more.
   Some online have commented that Andrew Wildman's art is a bit, well...lazy and I have to agree unfortunately. The primary characters and action looks fine but the background characters and settings have felt rushed and simplistic right from the get-go. If you've seen his earlier work (or Horizon, his graphic novel) then you know he's capable of more.
   I still like this series and will follow it through to the end. I just hope we get some more story surprises and depth before it's all over.

 Verdict: Pretty Good.

Cover "A" by Andrew Wildman
Cover "B" by Guido Guidi
RI cover by Geoff Senior

Friday, February 15, 2013

Comic Review...

Cover "A" by Nick Roche
Transformers Spotlight: Megatron

Writer: Nick Roche
Artist: Nick Roche
(covers by Nick Roche, Livio Ramondelli, Clayton Crane (RI) and Alex Milne (RE))

Summary:  MEGATRON IS BACK! Writer/artist Nick Roche takes us back to the last time MEGATRON returned--when he found his DECEPTICON forces in tatters under the control of STARSCREAM. In this never-before-revealed tale, we learn exactly how Megatron reacted… and how Starscream survived!

Comments:  Megatron is reborn in his new stealth bomber form (during the Mike Costa series) and is surprised by how his forces have crumbled to all but nothing under Starscream's command. He is also stunned by how even Starscream seems to have given up his will to rule in the face of having insubordinate troops. He sets out to resolve this by engaging Starscream in a short battle, forcing the other to snap out of his stupor and return to normal. He then rallies the troops, plotting his next terrifying strike against their enemies.
   This issue is a bit of a mixed bag. The plot is good, as stand-alone stories go. I found the dialogue a bit long-winded for Megatron though. It seems to me like he should act more and talk/think less. In this case, Roche could've let his art do the talking a bit more in the action scenes. Instead we get long thought boxes with Megatron thinking about everything and using long, formal style sentences for it all.

   The Megatron/Starscream dynamic in this story works fine (generally) but the state of their relationship in IDW is a bit confusing. Megatron all but killed him in the earlier Furman stories (remember how he shot a big hole through Starscream at one point?) Later, Starscream all but shames the Autobots over their victory and the loss of Megatron in AHM. Then, he seems fine with Megatron being out of commission in the subsequent stories so that he can rule and finally, here he's lost all hope and resolve. Granted, this is different writers doing different things but it makes things confusing if you were actually paying attention all this time.
   One could argue that Megatron doesn't really care all that much about Starscream and all this attention to getting him psyched back up for battle seems like a bit too much effort on his part. I always saw Megatron as more of a user of his troops to get what he wants rather then really being too concerned about their well-being (but I admit I might be nitpicking here).
   Also, this story is set during the ongoing TF comic/Costa era. A series I truly hated and have no interest in nor wish to recall. This story is largely irrelevant to the current stuff and doesn't really advance either character along in my estimation (also, Megatron rallies the troops then enacts his plan, beats the crap out of Optimus and surrenders to him afterward. The chronology is bizarre and inconsistent, isn't it. Why be so gung-ho to return to glory in this story but then ultimately seem to give up in the Costa stuff?)
   The art (also by Roche) is pretty good and it's always nice to see him draw more when he can.

Verdict:  Average. I didn't care for it but it seems to be about par for the course with IDW's output.

Cover "B" by Livio Ramondelli

Comic Review...

Cover "B" by Livio Ramondelli
Transformers Spotlight: Thundercracker

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Chee
(covers by Chee, Livio Ramondelli and Clayton Crain (RI))

Summary:  In the dark days of the war for Cybertron, THUNDERCRACKER had a special mission--one never revealed before! Now, as he faces off against BUMBLEBEE for the first time, the fate of METROPLEX--and an entire civilization--is at stake!

Comments:  Thundercracker is part of a team lead by Bludgeon in deep space, searching for any sign of the titan, Metroplex.  With his skills, he determines how to track Metroplex's unique energy signature and leads the Decepticons to a planetoid where the Titan is hidden beneath the surface. While there, he watches an organic life-form try to assist Bumblebee (who had come to defend the inhabitants with some other Autobots). He is fascinated by the alien's resolve and informs his party that he's found nothing (a blatant lie) and leaves. Metroplex is awoken by his departure and subsequently teleports away.
    Of the current batch of spotlight comics, this one is easily the best. The story is tight, highlights the titular character and is entertaining. Thundercracker is not like his fellow Decepticons (which goes right back to his original tech spec) and this is well shown throughout the story. He lies to his superiors and ultimately keeps them away from exploiting Metroplex's advanced technological power. The story doesn't meander and is actual relevant to the larger story at play as well as concluding its point in one singular issue. A textbook spotlight story.
   The art, by Chee (whoever that is. This is the first I've heard of him, I think) is competently drawn and easy to follow.

Verdict:  Excellent. A must-buy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

TM Winter 2013 issue in the works!

The Winter 2013 Issue of Transmasters Magazine is in the works! Submissions (art, stories, articles, etc.) are always welcome. I hope to have the issue ready by about March 1st. As always, submissions can be sent to tkphoton at

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Transformers Titan UK Magazine 4.13 review

Transformers Titan UK Magazine 4.13 review.
Got it by mail on feb 4th.
Something a little bit different this time, a video review of the issue.
Excuse my poor english and be gentle, after all this is my first time ;)
Greetz Johan/Backbreaker

Watch the video here !