Sunday, October 29, 2017

Robots In Disguise MacDonalds Toys March 2017 DUTCH edition

Use Subtitles for description please.
Here is a video I made on 24 march 2017 and edited today because of personal issues.

These were available in the Netherlands in march of 2017. I have translated were I can, but further questions will be answered. The music is a reworking of the Robots In Disguise end theme, I changed it tonewise from a B to a D.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

RID toys by Dickie

RID toys by Dickie

Robots in Disguise toys by Dickie toys

Recently, I walked into the local lowcost store and saw some Transformers toys ! While being not too impressed with the current Robots In Disguise Cartoon, it only me a whole 2 seconds to decide that I liked these little cars. In the vein of the movie RPM (click link for example) toys from a couple of years ago, they are each about 5 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide and do NOT transform.
 a Dickie toys advertisement featuring some of the toys

They look nice on my desktop and will be collecting the rest of the series. I have 6 'figures' now, who are the main cast of the show.

Pictures below:

Bumblebee Front and Side(inBox)

Sideswipe Front and Side(inBox) 

Drift Front and Side(inBox)  

Optimus Prime Front and Side(inBox) 

Strongarm Front and Side(inBox)  

Grimlock Front and Side(inBox) 

Here is another overview of my current collection

Back of the card

It has metal parts

Dickie toys are a German company.
Find out more about the Transformers line and others here
Dickie Toys Transformers