Thursday, June 30, 2005

TransMasters Symbol Vote

Since no one else has posted anything yet today for the symbol contest I've created some more and here's the poll to choose which you like the best. For the most part I'm just after a shape the colors, etc are subject to change. Thank you for your participation.

Which of the following symbols do you think should be the new TransMasters symbol?
Matrix's Third Eye

Free polls from

Edit- July 18,2005. I've decided to extend the voting period to July 30, 2005 to allow more of you to give your oppinion. So vote and thank you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Warlog 1 online

As I said before, I'll blog again when Warlog 1 is online. I made some scans and put them in a compressed file. this file is 3,23 Mb in size which should present no problems with downloading. to view it after downloading, you can do 2 things(maybe more, but I've forgotten) first, unzip with winzip and view each page seperately or view it with THE comic reading app: CD Display. download the free program here:
I should just say that this is the original version that also got published all those years ago, so glance in horror at the mistakes I've made and not even mentioning the inaccurate, incomparable editor's page. 23 pages of warlog coming your way here:
warlog 1
have fun with it! greetz UNB. p.s. let me know what you think.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Warlog Comic.....

well, first blog here then.
seeing the comic I just couldn't stay behind. I recently dug up some stuff from my Harddrive and I also had some stuff "hidden"on my attic. toys in the attic so to speak....
that stuff will be online soon as soon as my scanner starts working again. in the meantime is online (1 popup) in it's old form as I'm in the process of reshaping the site to make it more picture friendly.
It's more or less supposed to be a site for my art, be it TF or otherwise.
It's great to see things livening up again.
Thanks for listening.
Greetz UNB.
I'll blog again when I put Issue 1 of warlog online.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

TransMasters Comic

Well, I've been working to put together a comic I can take to the Cybertronian Confernece that'll be something new that the kids might recognize. In other words, Energon based. It takes the story of Wingsaber vs. Shockblast after the death of Padlock and gives it a conclusion the show couldn't. I just finished coloring up the Decepticon cover and thought I'd post a small version to the Blog. Hope you like it:

TransMasters Symbol Contest

Want to make your mark on the club? Here is your chance to do so. Introducing the first ever TransMaster Symbol contest. Between now and June 30th work to design your own symbol to post a link to it here in the blog and then make sure that between July 1-5 you vote for your favorite by adding comments to this post. Whoever wins the contest will receive my
BotCon 2004 G2 Breakdown Action Master. (Before you all jump up let me give you the skinny: The package is faded and somehow his left leg has come loose inside the package. It might also have a bit of water damage to the package.) I'll send this to anyone that wins. Including to the UK since I'll be posting this to the email message boards too.

Here is my example of a symbol:
I call it Matrix's Third Eye

Thank You for your participation. Good luck!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Welcome TransMasters to our new Web Log

Earlwin Famor and I have decided to move up into the future with a Blog so you can all share your experiences and other works more easily. If you are familiar with this, great. I know you should be able to use the Google Toolbar to send posts directly to this Web Log and I hope this helps build a better sense of community within the club.


Peter "Pierrimus" Phelps.
Club Archivist/President