Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My project for next year.

As I have mentioned here and there over the last few months I am working on a new project which should hopefully push my skills further forward.
it's called:

in short, Warlog Weekly.
My aim is to publish a (newspaper strip format) strip every week starting 02 january. in between there will be specials(which may be bigger or smaller) but those will be announced in time. below is the schedule for january
02 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 00(full page flashback)
09 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 01
16 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 02
23 jan-Inauguration
30 jan-Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment part 03

Kasmun part 03 - Enrichment is a continuation from what happened in the Transmaster Comics seen in previous years, Inauguration is something special.

So....these are my good intentions for 2009, I really hope that I can keep up with the schedule.

Be safe when using fireworks and see you in 2009 !!!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Transmaster Happy Holidays

Well, I hope you are all having a good holiday season. It's been a bit nuts for me lately. Friday I went home to my new apartment complex to find someone had been shot. I had to park the car out on the curb due to all the police officers and traffic tape. Yesterday some house across the highway blew up litterally (propane leak) and I got stuck in the traffic (ie. a normally ten minute drive was nearly forty). So, I guess I should count myself lucky so far. (Everyone keeps asking me how I like the city life...seriously I think it's nuts but what can I do about it at the moment? I'll seriously be considering another move when the lease comes up, maybe.

So, without further ado here's a little something I was able to get done. I hoped for more and we'll see depending on work, class, etc. if I can get it out by the end of the month. (This will be a "mag").

From TransMasters

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry XMAS

From me, a merry Xmas ! May 2009 be a great TF year !

Greetz Johan/Backbreaker.

see drawing here :

Friday, December 19, 2008

website update...

I've done a few updates to my website of late. For one, I fixed a couple of BOP covers in the BOP Cover Archive (updated text on them so it looks better. BOP #6 now spells "resurrection" correctly).

More importantly, I just added a section for a new story series called Heroes and Legends. This is that story serial that started in the TransMasters online magazine, a year or so ago. I've put up part one with Optimus Prime, part two with Megatron and a brand new part, part three with Grimlock!

See here for this story series.

There will eventually be a part four with Prowl and a part five with Alphatrion possibly (part five is still in the idea stage).

Feedback, as always, is welcome. :)

- Thunder

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Light Odyssey...

A long time ago now, I started a TF fanfic called The Light Odyssey... years later, I've rewritten it as an original work and now it's available in paperback! Check it out! a page with a blurb about the novella and has two sample segments to read.

...has the actual book for sale (near the bottom).

(The book is a bit more expensive then I would've liked but that's Cafe Press' costs apparently...)

In case anyone's wondering, yes, it is still a story about transformable robots--I just can't call it "Transformers" (obviously) and sell it as my own story, hence the new name. This is my first ever novella! Yay, me! :)

Check it out! And if you like it, recommend it to a friend! :)

- Thunder

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW !

Not really a bit of news but more or less part of my coming "MediaBlitz tm"
Also, to coincide with the new year I have re-designed the LOGO for my fan comic, Warlog
.....more stuff coming up.....
....great review as always, Tony !...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #5

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi and Casey Coller

(covers by Casey Coller and Trevor Hutchison)

Synopsis: Hot Rod recalls to the others how he and his team crashed on Cybertron. As he finishes, the rest of his team lead by Kup appear. On Earth, Sparkplug greets his son, Spike, and briefs him on a mission he's to undertake to somehow attack Megatron (the specifics are vague). Kup and Jazz briefly butt heads but Jazz shows him who da man (er, bot). He tells Kup he has something to show him... On Earth, Spike's team float down a river when Ratbat appears and apparently kills them all. Sparkplug is horrified that his son is dead... On Cybertron, Jazz shows Kup Optimus Prime's wounded body. He also tells Kup they have an Autobot traitor in their midst... we also discover that Megatron has stolen the Matrix from Prime! On Earth, Sparkplug laments the loss of his son. Elsewhere, in a river in New York, someone emerges from the depths (any guesses? :)

Comments: Another Autobot issue. Another mixed bag issue too... some parts of this were good--like when Springer challenges Jazz, who promptly kicks his butt! Hah! The human story actually got a tad bit more interesting--at least it's more personal when Sparkplug has to potentially sacrifice his son (even though I don't know why they had to be Sparkplug and Spike, when new characters could've taken the slots. It's not like we have to have them in every TF incarnation!) Megatron beat up Prime and stold his Matrix--how many times have they done this plot now? At least twice, for sure (remember the G2 comic? And Shockwave did it in the early Marvel ones too). Maybe Prime should store it in a vault or something? The Autobots have a traitor and there's this new character there called Drift (shown in Kup's group but not mentioned by name). Either it's the worst foreshadowing ever--or maybe he's intended to be a red herring? But I can see him being the traitor--the fans would be angry if it turned out to be Wheeljack (for example) so why not invent a new character then he can take the fall without any fans being too attached to him. Another plot thing here--the Autobots can interface with their ship's systems? Since when? It's a cool idea--and logical since they're machines too--but it seems to serve no real function here, other then being cool and science fiction-y. Kup sure recovered from his stretch on that planet where he was insane quickly, didn't he? (see Spotlight Kup). Despite some plot developments, this story still seems to be suffering from being stretched out too much for the content in it. This story, whatever it's ultimate conclusion, is clearly a six issue story (tops) and we're being forced to buy twelve issues instead so IDW can pad it out with unnecessary content.

I speculate that someone at IDW noticed Furman's comics weren't selling good enough and decided to use this story proposal as a springboard for a new direction/writer. What they failed to realize was that the readers are tired of long involved epic storylines not necessarily Furman himself. If I have to pay around $5 an issue (Canada) then I'd like something worth reading every month, not a "wait for it! We're getting there" piece of a puzzle. I like storylines too but I like them to go somewhere and IDW's stuff is just starting to annoy me. I want some real payoff, dammit!

Mildly recommended.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Spotlight: Blurr

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Casey Coller

(covers by Casey Coller, Trevor Hutchinson)

Synopsis: Blurr races against other Transformers and wins easily. His pit crew congratulate him and he heads to the Circle, a popular nightclub to celebrate. He is adored and worshipped by all because he is the best. He wants to race forever! An explosion destroys the race way and Blurr is told the racing is over. Blurr is incredulous but the explosion was an act of terrorism and it's too dangerous to leave the stadium open. Piston, one of Blurr's pit crew tells him he's going to join the Autobots because Cybertron is changing... Blurr finds that even the Circle is empty now. He goes to drink but is interrupted by Starscream who tries to recruit him to the Decepticons. Blurr drives somewhere and ends up right in the middle of a warzone. Ironhide drags him to safety where he finds Piston dead. The Decepticons have retreated and the Autobot commander, Optimus, tells him they (the Decepticons) are on their way to assassinate Zeta Prime. Optimus appeals to him to help them out--with his speed he can get to Zeta Prime and save him in time. Blurr decides to help them--he's found a new purpose in life.

Comments: An interesting one shot from McCarthy, the writer currently putting us through twelve issues of All Hail Megatron. Unlike that exercise in tedium, this story shows us he can write a simple satisfying story. Spotlight: Blurr is reasonably good. It does suffers from one flaw--Blurr's character has never been a egotistical jerk. In order for this tale to work, he has to be rewritten as one so that he can learn his lesson. Without it, the story wouldn't work... which is not to say I can't accept that change. Hey, maybe Blurr was a jerk way back when. Who knows? The cartoon and previous comics have never really given us much personality for him--beyond him being really, really fast. Another point of interest is that Blurr's been redesigned for this continuity--why that was necessary is anyone's guess. He already was a futuristic hovercar thing. Also, AHM has undone most of the redesigns anyway, so why this? Generally though, I thought it worked pretty well as a one-off spotlight issue. I only wish we could get a little bit more actual storytelling out of IDW instead of the far too many dragged out decompressed comic series they've been doing.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

More MTMTE Goodies

More Transmasters More Than Meets The Eye:

Movie Real Gear Perceptor

From Transmasters Web Log

Movie Real Gear Power Up VT6

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Astrotrain

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Megatron

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Mirage

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Optimus Prime

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Ramjet

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Starscream

From Transmasters Web Log

Classics Ultra Magnus

From Transmasters Web Log

Well, that's about all I have for now. I goofed up on one of the TransBlunder spechs so I'll leave that group of 3 out until next time. I also want to have Classics Cliffjumper. So, I hope to shoot for a TM Mag entry for the end of this month that will include stuff for the holidays coming up too. Perhaps even move it to early December? Just a thought. Thanks.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here's some stuff, hope you like

New Transmaster stuff:

Animated Safe Haloween

From Transmasters Web Log

Transmasters Animated Autobot MTMTE Template

From Transmasters Web Log

Transmasters Animated Decepticon MTMTE Template

From Transmasters Web Log

Movie Real Gear LongView MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Movie Real Gear Meantime MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Movie Real Gear Speed Dial 800 MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Movie Real Gear Spy Shot 6 MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Movie Real Gear Zoom Out 25x MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Animated Pierre MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Animated Scarab MTMTE

From Transmasters Web Log

Note: I actually came up with the idea of Scarab back in the Generation 2 days. But I felt that the idea of a Nemisis-Bee might not be one that most others wanted to see. I finally created this version because of all the Nemisis Primes we've seen recently and it just seemed like good fun. With the creation of the new Elite Guard Bumblebee I might even try to make a version of Scarab...only free time will tell. LOL.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #4

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi

(covers by Trevor Hutchison and Guido Guidi)

Synopsis: The Decepticons have conquered Earth! Beaten it royally and made it their bitch! They are crushed, defeated and praying for relief. On Cybertron, the Autobots hide out where Ironhide and Prowl argue. Jazz stops Ironhide before he escalates a fist fight with Prowl... Ironhide leaves while Jazz and Prowl discuss their current predicament and how dire it truly is. Optimus is injured badly and every scrap of energon they have is being used to keep him alive. Somewhere nearby, Wheeljack and Bumblebee scout for energon. They realize someone is watching them so Wheeljack uses a signal system he rigged to signal reinforcements. Ironhide and Jazz have a character moment and then Ironhide heads out with Cliffjumper to go help Wheeljack and Bumblebee. Elsewhere, the humans hide in a burned out building and discuss survival. Sarah tells Bridge they need a leader and when he responds with pity she slaps him and tells him to be a man! On Cybertron, Ironhide and Cliffjumper ambush the mystery Transformer--who turns out to be Hot Rod! Hot Rod is glad to see them and says they must've received his message. The others will be pleased--they were shot down and now Ironhide and the others are here to rescue them! Ironhide and the other Autobots are shocked by this revelation.

Comments: Well, this was an interesting issue. Finally, we get to see what's going on with the Autobots. We get some good character moments--Ironhide is angry (at somebody), Jazz is keeping order and Prowl is Prowl. On Earth, the humans I don't know or really care about also get a little scene to shine in (just for once in a story when someone is slapped, I'd really love to see them smack the other person back). The art is also fairly nice... On the down side, though, we're still getting classic G1 designs in a world where everyone's supposed to be redesigned--yet Bumblebee retains his new look as does Ironhide (why are they special?) More importantly, it's still another issue where nothing really happens. We get hints someone betrayed the Autobots, allowing the Decepticons to win; hints that Jazz and Prowl are hiding something (possibly Prime's fate from the others but its not clear in the story). Apparently, the Decepticons have also conquered all of Earth somehow (even though all we've seen is them take Manhattan--or perhaps to show them take all of Earth would've required another thirty issues at the pace this series has been going?) I hate all of this new-fangled decompression in comics now. After four issues, I expect some real progression and we've gotten about two actual issues of content when you factor in the long drawn out fight scenes of the first three issues. The best issue of this series yet, which isn't really saying all that much.

Mildly recommended.

Not a Transformers comic per se, but given that it's Hasbro's other big action figure series and it's just starting up from IDW, I thought I'd give this a look here as well.


Chuck Dixon, Larry Hama, Mike Costa and Christos N. Gage
Robert Atkins, Tom Feister, Antonio Fuso

(covers by Robert Atkins and Chris Sotomayor, Jonboy Meyers)

Summary: This issue is composed of three short stories, each previewing one future GIJOE series from IDW. Chuck Dixon's story is called "One Word" and from the series GIJOE. Larry Hama's story is "In or Out" and previews GIJOE: Origins. The third is "Deep Cover" from GIJOE: Cobra by Mike Costa and Christos N. Gage.

One Word
- The Joe team, lead by Duke, covertly attack a cargo ship in Istanbul. They take out the team stealthly but one enemy gets away and launches a Stinger missile at them. He misses but his strike destroys the ship's munitions and the ship with it. The Joes escape and interrogate a lone surviving enemy before he dies. Duke asks him for a lead on the supplier or the end user... the mercenary mumbles "Cobra" and then dies.

Comments: A good short story and a good start for a reboot series... I never read any of the Devil's Due comic (except the TF crossovers) but I know the prime title was a continuation of the Marvel series. I think it must've been quite a convoluted mess after a while. I much prefer starting at the beginning and going from there... don't care for the art style of this comic, though.

In or Out. Two men sit in a room. One is a wounded soldier and the other is a man in a military uniform. We learn the soldier was attacked in the Middle East and his convoy ruined by ambush. Rather then rolling over and dying, he got his gun and lead a counter attack. The military man offer him some posthumous medals and the soldier gets concerned that he's about to be shot. The military man--Hawk--tells him he's making him an offer but remains vague about just what he's offering. He assembles the gun and holds it up... the soldier thinks a moment then decides he's in. Hawk tells him his new name will be "Duke" and Duke asks him if he was going to shoot him if he opted out. Hawk gives him the gun and tells him "we're the good guys, Duke. Don't you ever forget that".

Comments: I liked this story overall although the art style isn't my cup of tea (it's distinctive, though. I have to give it credit for that). Not sure what to make of General Hawk's actions, though. I prefer the Hawk of old--his profile describes him as "somebody who would never ask his men to do something he himself wasn't prepared to do". It's a bit cliche but I like it. This new Hawk comes across as a bit more morally ambiguous. One last thing, it was clear who's story I was reading when I started it--dialogue like "...the hostiles hit your column with IEDS and then bracketed it with RPGS" and "They had intersecting fields of fire set up with 12.7 mike-mikes and a 40 mike-mike automatic GL". Nobody but Hama can write pseudo-military dialogue like that! :)

Deep Cover. A man walks down a street thinking about how he can't remember his name then thinks about all the covers he's had in the past few months. He meets with two former communists in a former Soviet country. He has delivered their shipment of Polonium-210 and now they've come to give him his reward. They whip out knives and go to kill him... He kills one and goes to take out the other but that man is shot by a sniper before he can. The newcomer introduces himself as a "friend" and the protagonist notes he has a back-up sniper on a building beyond them. The friend tells him to meet in a tavern tomorrow at a set location. He agrees, deciding that if the man wanted him dead then he'd already be dead. Later, he transmits a signal to the "bird's nest" and tells his superior (Hawk) that he's made contact with a new organization of some sort (Cobra, obviously). Hawk tells him he'll get more orders from his contact tomorrow and to maintain radio silence beyond that... Chuckles, as the protagonist calls himself, burns his U.S. passport and says "yo, Joe!"

Comments: Chuckles was always set-up as a double agent character but his appearances (in Marvel and the cartoon, at least) never really went with this idea. Glad to see someone's using it now... The story is okay for what it is and will likely launch pad to somewhere interesting in the series. I liked the art style in this story the best of the three--it's the most conventional but if it ain't broke, why fix it?

All three stories are pretty good. They're not revolutionary but they do what they set out to and entertain the reader. If you're a previous Joe fan, I say check it out and judge for yourself. Even if you aren't and you want something new to read, this title might be a good chance to see where IDW's Joe titles will be going.


Friday, October 24, 2008

TM Stuff

I know I haven't been very active in say...jeeze is it really a year again? Ouch. Well, I hope to improve soon on actually posting some materials. With this message are two images I had sketched out as an idea at first. Hope they look cool. I'd have posted more, but it looks like I did not scan most of the work that's been sitting around. Will try to do so tonight and post more when it's available. I've moved recently to Rancho Cordova, CA to be closer to work (gas and the time were killing me, not to mention I'm also attending University of Pheonix Online full time after my Bachelor's of Science-Information Systems/Visual Media).

Well here's at it:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe/Revelation, part 4

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: E.J. Su

(covers by E.J. Su and Nick Roche)

Synopsis: Sideswipe, Hound and their team attack two of the Dark Universe Transformers-- Straxus and Grindcore--on Earth. Hound and Fort Max secure the space bridge while Sideswipe charges fervantly into battle against their enemy. Elsewhere, the Pretenders are beamed aboard by the Technobots when their ship is destroyed. They are given their new Pretender shells and go out to confront Cyclonus. Jetfire jams control of Thunderwing, allowing the Autobots attacking him to reach his Nega-Core. Jhiaxus sends Bludgeon to take out Jetfire... Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime fight and Optimus realizes his dark anti-matrix wants to pass to him--which is why Nemesis is so keen to kill him off. Nemesis rails and attack Optimus some more while Galvatron watches on from the shadows. On Earth, Fort Max, Hound and the others go through the space bridge to confront Monstructor (who is apparently attacking the Combaticons). Jhaixus can't use Bludgeon to finish off Jetfire as his mind is too preoccupied by trying to monitor everything all at once (I know the feeling!) Jetfire comments that his entire strategy is about to fall apart. The Autobots remove the Nega-cores and send them to the Dead Universe. Jhiaxus is stopped from acting when Arcee shows up and cuts his arm off. On Garrus-9, Galvatron shoots Nemesis Prime in the back, killing him. He falls into Optimus and the dark matrix goes into him instead, trying to assert its control. Galvatron tells him he can either sacrifice himself in the nearby solar pool or give the power over to him. Prime gives it to him and then grabs him and throws him into the solar pool, apparently destroying him in the process. The Nega-cores explode in the dead universe and close the rift behind the Pretenders just as they've finished escaping. On Gorlam Prime, Jhiaxus tries to escape but Hardhead (rising from the silver pool) stops him and Arcee finishes him off. In epilogue, Gorlam Prime has evolved into a Cybertron-like world, populated by new Transformers. Gorlam Prime is forgotten and they call the new world Cybertron! Jetfire laments the hard times that come and we see a hint that perhaps Galvatron survived...

Comments: The grand epic that opened IDW's Transformers has come to a close after three years. The artwork for this issue was painted frame by frame by E.J. Su and it looks fabulous. The story felt a bit rushed, though. Obviously, they shuffled off Revelation into the Spotlight series for some bizarre reason and this ending felt like we were lacking some details somewhere. What was the whole point of Gorlam Prime's evolution? I initially thought it had something to do with the Dead Universe but apparently not--and now Gorlam Prime is a new Cybertron? Huh? Will this be our new TFs home or just forgotten all together in the future? The anti-matrix energy Nemesis Prime has is not explained at all and even here felt like a cheap addition ("if Prime has a Matrix, this guy must have an evil matrix!" Um, okay...) For that matter, the Matrix has never been explained in IDW either so does it even exist (apparently it does) and, if so, what purpose does it serve here? This is an entirely new continuity so the writer shouldn't assume we all know what it does--he needs to make it clear. Doing anything less is just lazy writing. Also, this "Solar Pool" that Prime throws Galvatron into seemed rather conveniently placed there, didn't it? What the hell is that and why didn't they bother explaining it a little? That just bugged me a bit... Another serious problem with this whole story--we never do get what the Dead Universe is. Obviously, it's a "dead" universe but why is it dead? Why does it somehow support life or undead life/whatever the hell state those TFs existed in? Is it something related to Unicron (I hope not) or something else entirely? Is Furman trying to keep that unrevealed for some future story (and, if so, why? Can't anything ever just end--even in a serial comic series?) An okay resolution but it could've been better.

Mildly recommended.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dutch B.O.T.S. video's online !

Finally, All 4 Youtube video's of the BOTS event dating 8th june 2008 are online.
I should mention that these are mostly in the dutch language but it does give an idea of how cool it was.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
(featuring me at 01:40 timestamp in the jumpstarter challenge....)

Part 4:
(featuring me at 03:43 timestamp getting the prize for the jumpstarter challenge....)

Hope you like it,
Greetz Johan

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #3

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi

(covers by Guido Guidi and Trevor Hutchison)

Synopsis: Astrotrain attacks a subway station full of human survivors. Elsewhere, the humans discuss the situation and how the Decepticons have cut off Manhattan entirely, leaving it a great base to strike at Earth from. As well, how the Decepticons have easily decimated all the soldiers sent against them. Megatron watches the destruction around him and talks to Starscream, who has a heart to heart with him. Epilogue: Astrotrain attacks the fighter pilot as his train station assortment of humans flee for their lives.

Comments: An issue that almost has a story behind it. Almost. At least it's not a third issue with more fighting in it. We get a bit of character devel0pment in a nice scene between Megatron and Starscream. Megatron is also called a "sadistic, military genius" although I question whether his strategy in the story is really ingenius or not--why not just bombard the planet from orbit and be done with it? A decent story but not great... Next issue is supposd to see the return of the Autobots to the story (at long last!)

Mildly recommended.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #2

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi

covers by Guido Guidi and Trevor Hutchison

Synopsis: The story starts off with a couple hosting a picnic at their home with several guests until a helicopter arrives to pick up the man--one Colonel Witwicky. He goes to the army base where's he informed that giant robots are attacking New York. Meanwhile, The Decepticons cause more chaos and mayhem. When confronted by army reinforcements, Soundwave uses Frenzy to drive them all mad with his powers and attack them. The entire force is wiped out. The Decepticons close off all the bridges and access to NY and use Devastator to attack the tunnels too.

Comments: Another near-pointless issue that serves only to introduce us to this new human character, Colonel Dan Witwicky. Otherwise, it's just more Decepticons vs. humans "action" which gets boring quick. There's a passing mention of the Machination which seems to confirm this is indeed the mainstream universe while still ignoring how everyone got into their current forms/returned from the dead, etc. Generally, a waste of time as stories go. Also, why is this story called "All Hail Megatron"? He hasn't really done anything to this point--certainly he's not the focus of the story. Perhaps they couldn't think of a better title? Maybe it'll get better as it goes?


Transformers Spotlight: Double Dealer/Revelation, part 3

Writer: Simon Furman
Artists: Dan Khanna, Frank Milkovich with Robert Atkins

covers by Nick Roche and EJ Su

Synopsis: Recent plot points are brought up, leading to the present where Dealer and Hot Rod discuss going to find the Magnificence (the thing from Spotlight: Hot Rod). The two travel back to Ki-Aleta where Hot Rod reminisces about the mission they were both on that went wrong and thinks how it still doesn't make any sense. Dealer reassures him that it wasn't his fault, etc and Hot Rod feels better. He leads Dealer to the Magnificence up on the peak where he hid it. Dealer tells him to ask it a question so he does--he asks it if Dealer betrayed them all those years ago. It replies "yes" so Hot Rod turns and shoots him just as Dealer is about to do the same. Dealer falls off the mountain to his demise. Meanwhile, Nemesis Prime comes to Garrus-9 where he and Optimus Prime confront one another. He uses some kind of Negative Energy he has to injure Optimus. He reaches out to finish the job... Hot Rod contacts Ultra Magnus and catches the other Autobots up to speed on just what is happening. Jetfire plans to try and override Thunderwing's mind control while Jhiaxus decides to utilize his reserve minion--Bludgeon--to help ensure his side wins.

Comments: A good issue and I was happy to see some resolution at this point. Hot Rod triumphs over Double Dealer and the Autobots finally get some definite answers. Of course, they'll have to lose the Magnificence or it will be too much of a deus ex machina every time they need intelligence in the story. I look forward to the final part.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Warlog issue 4

Finished the issue mere moments ago and thought I'd put it up !

New Cover,
3 colored pages instead of black and white.
some new dialogue put in.

Warlog Issue 3. (Trial of Superion part 4 of 5)
9 pages.
2.6 Mb size
cbr format
Next issue September 2008 ! (that soon ? ;) )

I will adapt the warlog site later on.
If any of you read it, could you please give comment/remarks so I can make it a better issue ! via mail or below this box....

DOWNLOAD (yes it's free)

greetings johan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Spotlight
Hardhead/Revelation, part two

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Nick Roche

(covers by Nick Roche and EJ Su)

Synopsis: Nightbeat and Hardhead go back to Gorlam Prime to try and find out just what happened to Nightbeat when he was there (see Spotlight: Nightbeat). They find the population frozen in their tracks and undergoing some kind of metamorphosis from organic to techno-organic. They decide to go to the excavation site where Nightbeat last remembered being. Before they get too far, they’re beseiged by an army of Micromasters, who attack Hardhead. He and Nightbeat escape their attackers for the moment. Elsewhere, the Wreckers attack Thunderwing futilely. Optimus Prime and Prowl watch from screens at the Garrus-9 penitentiary and discuss their options. Jetfire reports in and tells them Omega Supreme has identified Galvatron and Cyclonus from the video footage the Autobots have took. Both were aboard the first Ark with Nova Prime. Prime decides they’ll have to send someone to the Benzuli Expanse (where the first Ark had gone to explore) and investigate. Nemesis Prime and Jhiaxus discuss their plans and Jhiaxus tells them Thunderwing has been discovered and Nightbeat has returned to the Gorlam Prime. Nemesis tells him Thunderwing is safe, for now, but that Nightbeat could threaten their plans. He tells Jhiaxus to see to that personally. Hardhead and Nightbeat get to their destination just in time for the Micromasters to find them and attack. The two get down the shaft safely when Nightbeat is possessed (presumably by Jhiaxus). He attacks Hardhead but the other escapes for a few minutes, ending up finally in the glowing pool/portal to the Dead Universe. He and Nightbeat have a showdown and the Micromasters attack Hardhead. He appears to sink into the pool, his fate uncertain. Jhiaxus tells N emesis Prime that Nightbeat is dead and Nemesis resigns himself to the fact he will have to take direct action against Optimus Prime himself. At the Benzuli Expanse, four of the Autobots report back that there is just a void now–the planets and so on nearby the Expanse are now gone. Jetfire suggest to Prime that these four Autobots undergo the Pretender process so they can go into the Expanse safely (how does he know that will protect them, though?)

Comments: Another spotlight where the spotlighted character gets shafted by the already running storyline. Unlike previous stories, this part works fairly well and actually moves the story along! Finally! It looks like things are about to hit the fan and I, for one, can’t wait. The art is by Roche this time around and looks pretty good. One thing I do wonder about is why they bothered redesigning Hardhead with an Earth mode when he was only there for five minutes. I much prefer his original mode (although the same argument could be made for any of these redesigns, I guess). I also wonder if Nightbeat is really dead or not since he’s clearly one of Furman favorites.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1

Writer: Shane McCarthy
Artist: Guido Guidi

(covers by Trevor Hutchinson and Klaus Scherwinski)

Synopsis: A quick one page summary of the Civil War for Cybertron, then we get to "one year later." The Constructicons come to New York and start blasting things... they're quickly joined by the Seekers, Megatron and the other Decepticons. An issue of blasting stuff and pointless heroics later, sees Megatron laughing triumphantly. Meanwhile on Cybertron, Prowl brings in a report of some kind.... he shows it to Jazz, who throws it away in disgust and goes to see Optimus Prime, who is severely damaged. His chest ripped open and he is apparently being kept alive by some of Ratchet's machines.

Comments: I have several problems with this issue. Obviously, it's an issue length battle scene which is something that is a waste of time 90% of the time--and more so when it's pathetic humans versus mighty Decepticons. The outcome is inevitable. Prime on his death bed? How original! No one's ever tried that one before... On a more minor note, there is also some continuity glitches here--all three of the Seekers are F-15 jets. Which is what they traditionally are. Except this is supposed to be the mainstream IDW-verse, isn't it? Why
would they have downgraded from F-22 forms? That makes no sense! Also, Megatron has lost his IDW form for something resembling his Masterpiece toy form... Add to that, the inclusion of Soundwave, with no attempt to explain how he joined back up with the other Decepticons (I suppose they might explain it in the future but right now it makes no sense). Apparently, this series was originally to have been an "Evolutions" style story but the powers that be at IDW liked it so much that they made it the mainstream story instead--and obviously nobody thought to bother editing it help match it up to Furman's already established stories (hence the incongruencies). As with anything, the devil is in the details--and that really ruined this issue for me... maybe it'll get better with time?


Monday, June 23, 2008

TF Comic Review...

Transformers Spotlight

Writers: Simon Furman (story/script) and Klaus Scherwinski (story)
Artist: Klaus Scherwinski

Synopsis: Wheelie thinks back to the Great War and how he was sent on a scouting missions years before. He crashed on a planet and has been trying to survive the brutal terrain ever since. One day, he sees what looks like another ship crashing through the atmosphere. He travels after it, dragging his energon convertor with him (the gizmo giving him the ability to continue functioning by synthesizing fuel for him). After a while, he finds a Decepticon ship with Reflector torturing an alien. He frees the alien, allowing it to escape and Reflector to give chase while he boards the ship. But he quickly finds it's ruined beyond repair (also one of the Reflectors is on-board and dead). Wheelie decides to go help the alien out...he finds it nearby and communicates with it. However, it's translator only understands language in rhyme so he adapts his speech to that pattern. They have another ship and the duo work to get it functioning--Wheelie even uses his energon convertor to power it. Just as they get it ready to launch, the two Reflector find them and hold the alien hostage. Wheelie has to decide between launching without his new friend or letting the Decepticons win. He lets the Decepticons take the ship instead... however, he took the safety cap off the energon convertor before he left the ship and it explodes in the air, taking the Decepticons with it. The duo construct a crude shelter and wait things out. Epilogue... some debris in the ancient city/ship has a Quintesson glyph on it.

Comments: Simon Furman said it couldn't be done. He was wrong. Somebody actually did a good TF story based around Wheelie. Apparently this was Klaus Scherwinski's baby all along (I actually posted on Furman's blog before this was announced and suggested he try a Wheelie story too. Just as a lark mostly--I knew it could be done). Anyway, this story was a pretty good spotlight tale and stayed well within the parameters of what a spotlight story is supposed to be (unlike the Cyclonus one). The art is very good overall, although I felt like Klaus made Wheelie look a little too wussy in several panels. I would've like a couple more lines on his face to reduce that appearance (minor nitpick, I know). A good one-shot all in all (I do hope they leave the Quintessons out of the IDW-verse otherwise).



Transformers Spotlight
Revelation, part one

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: EJ Su

(covers by EJ Su and Nick Roche)

Summary: Cyclonus flies over Cybertron's charred surface and reminisces about it's condition. He determines someone must pay... Elsewhere, Hound and his unit depart Cybertron for Garrus-9. Sideswipe whines about how they're not going to go look for Sunstreaker on Earth, etc. Hound goes to chastize him when they're abruptly attacked. It turns out it's Cyclonus, who wants to make someone pay for Cybetron's state... They warn him off then blow him up when he ignores them. That doesn't last long, though and he attacks again. They send out a distress signal and Ultra Magnus responds. On Garrus-9, Prime, Prowl and others wonder what happened and how the Monster Pretenders could've been released (I think this ties into the Arcee spotlight that I missed). Meanwhile, Nightbeat wonders at a mission file he recorded to a world he has no memory of being at. He contacts Hardhead and asks for help... Ultra Magnus saves Hound's crew and decides to pursue Cyclonus. Hound and crew decide to back him up (at Sideswipe's urging). Elsewhere, Arcee tortures some generic Decepticon and demands he tell her Banzaitron's plans! He relents... Cylconus flies to a moon and lands. He activates the Nega-core and plans to reactivate the Guardian, but hesitates on that point. The Autobots have tracked him there and attack him. They best him but he manages to switch on the Guardian, who turns out to be Thunderwing! Cyclonus escapes and Ultra Magnus sends a tracking device off after him. Thunderwing guards the cavern that Cyclonus had used the Nega-Core in and does not leave it...
Optimus Prime gathers his forces in the wake of this while Nemesis Prime and his forces begin the transition.

Comments: Not much of a spotlight really. Mostly, we get that Cyclonus is a bit unstable and, um, he's fine with that once he realizes it. Okay... Otherwise, the Revelation storyline is front and center here. I hope this storyline ties everything off--I've felt for some time that there's too much going on at 0nce. Like Furman wanted to throw everything and the kitchen sink in too. I hope this conclusively deals with the whole dead universe/Thunderwing/Sixshot/Arcee/Nightbeat/Galvatron/etc. stuff and clears the decks for new stuff to happen. The art was good as usual--although I ended up with the Roche cover (I wanted the Su one but when there's no other option available...take what you can get, I guess). A decent story overall but like I said, I hope it ties some stuff up finally.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Minor site update and other news...

I finally got around to adding BOP #35's story to my website yesterday night.

It's here:

The final issue's story. As with any of the stories, feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

- Otherwise, I hope to get around to doing up that BOP CD-ROM one of these days... when it's finally completed, it will have all of the issues of BOP on it in pdf format (including the covers, profiles, letter columns, intro columns, etc).

- I'm also working on getting more of my fanfic (Legends) that appeared in the TM online magazine finished up. Next up: part three with Grimlock. Two more parts are slated to follow afterward before it's complete.

- Finally, the TF comic script is finished (in rough, anyway) and I will eventually get around to drawing that up. But it will be some time before it's ready... likely toward the end of the year.


Monday, June 09, 2008

B.O.T.S. Convention Holland

I was there also Sunday afternoon with Olaf, Daniel and my girlfriend.
We left from Zwolle and arrived at around 1 o'clock I think. Immediatly after entering the building I registered for the "Jumpstarter Challenge", and after that we tried to fill out this years quiz. After all, some of us remembered the difficult questions from a few years back but during the task we noticed that it got somewhat easier.

Time for the first runaround ! After a quick look at the TFAnimated toys that were put in glass housing for viewing only we walked on and found stuff where I was looking for, Marvel UK G1 comics, first I found No 59 and a little later it was joined by No 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 243 ! :D
By now I was thinking....Ready ! Finished !....but ofcourse I kept looking and searching.

Further on my list was Mega Octane vfrom the RID line, but didn't come across the toy and I wanted to buy some Animated stuff !!(after paying offcourse....)
Then my girlfriend had a queastion:" don't they have that rabiit ? what's his name again ?" "Euh hmmm Stampy right ?" and sure enough a little later we found that one, her first Transformer !

After a short break involving fries and kroket(dutch snack) the time came to participate in the Jumpstarter challenge, with a 'whopping' 5 people involved, anyway I came in second with my very vintage TopSpin !! I was very pleased with my TFMovie Robot Replica Bumblebee and will defend my second place next year.

After another round I bought an Encore Jazz/Meister and after a few more rounds of walking and doubt an Encore Starscream joined him ! My girlfriend bought an Animated Bumblebee because she thought it was cute !

Conclusion: a great improvement comparing to next year !
More space, which made the temperature bearable !
Also nice was the special place for smaller kids, just say the "next generation" of fans showing in that corner the ditch version of TFArmada !
More dealers ! Too bad the Drawing and Kitbash competions were cancelled but I had a really good time and it was nice to see the faces behind the names/websites, which makes it even more fun !

see you next year !


Additional photo and video will follow !
official Dutch convention site
...and yes, then I will wear my Deaths Head II T-Shirt again.....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well, I may not know when I'll post some new stuff

It's been a bit crazy lately. I finally decided that if I did not try to go back to college now I'd never do so. So now besides the crazy job that seems to have no end of work in sight...I'm also now a full time student through University of Phoenix Online, going for my Bachelor's in CIS/Visual Media. These classes are real fast, one per 5 weeks. It's going to be fun trying to squeeze everything out in the few free moments. I really did intend to try to get another comic issue done, really.

BTW, Tony B. sent me another two boxes of medias from the Archive. So, perhaps if I get some free time we might actually get an expanded version of the Archive CD out sometime...I had some complaints on the last one, some wanted .pdf versions rather than the .gif and .jpg files I used. The thing is some of these are suffering from toner wear/degradation and I was sometimes doing some brushups in painting programs. What do you think?

I've actually come to sort of like the new TF Animated. I like the little G1 easter eggs they've been dropping and enjoyed seeing Spike, Carly and Daniel even if they are not main characters. I get a kick out of some of the jokes and mild physical humor. I think they actually made Prowl cool and I liked Jazz's portrail. I was not crazy about the Ultra Magnus -Thor routine. Sentinel Prime's a punk. Elita One becoming Blackarachnia was a bit of a twist and I have to wonder how that will play out. Sadly the shows have not made me want to pick up this toy line, I think the Universe (Classics 2.0) will hold more for my money interest wise.

Well, if I can squeeze it out I'll try to post something soon. Take care all.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Warlog Volume 2 issue 4 Cover Online

Hi !
It has taken me more time than I had in mind but I finally have new material online.

I was inspired by the Marvel Transformers US comic 73 since this chapter also has humans in it. You may consider this a Homage.

In 2008 I will try to expand my "skills" , think of drawing human anatomy and new way of coloring. well I try!

The rest of the comic will follow shortly !

see cover here

Greets Johan

btw, nice articles, Tony ! always a joy to read !

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Comic Reviews...

Transformers Spotlight

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Marcelo Matere

(cover by Marcelo Matere)

Synopsis: Skywatch switches on Grimlock, despite the warnings by one of it's scientists to his boss that the process just isn't ready... Predictably, Grimlock goes haywire and escapes into the world... we learn that it's due to a Cybertronian virus The Machination put into play to ensure Skywatch would lose control. Grimlock wanders around wondering where he is and what's going on. Scorponok beams in then and offers him an alliance. Grimlock refuses and the two fight. Scorpy gets the upper hand and Grimlock uses his last trick--trying to beam up to his old ship. It succeeds--the ship still exists somewhere on the surface and he arrives safe and sound. Meanwhile, Scorponok tells his men to ready the other Dinobots--they will be used as instruments to destroy Grimlock!

Comments: Reads like a set-up for the Maximum Dinobots storyline more then as a solo character spotlight story. I guess there is that aspect where he awakens alone and confused in a new setting but it's quickly overshadowed by Scorponok and all the scheming for the future. An okay tale but does deviate from the character spotlight aspect pretty fast.

Mildly recommended.


Transformers Timelines
Shattered Glass

Writer: Ben Yee and Peter Sinclair (story)
Artist: Don Figueroa

(cover by Dan Khanna)

Synopsis: Classics Cliffjumper arrives in a dark tunnel somewhere. He's tackled by Crankcase, who is quickly put down by a dark colored Rodimus. He takes Cliffjumper back to the Autobot headquarters where everything is dark and twisted--the Autobots act all evil! Cliffjumper is freaked out, objects and Prime hauls off and shoots him. They dump his lifeless body in the Rad Zone, where the Decepticons find him. CJ is revived by the Constructicons. There, is greeted by Megatron and Sideswipe. Sideswipe surmises Cliffjumper is from another universe and explains this world's history to him--how it was Optimus Prime who rose to power and became evil and how it was Megatron and his resistance fighters who tried to stop him. Prime's current scheme is to launch a large vessel called The Ark and go conquer the universe with it... Megatron's determined to stop him and with Starscream, they devise a plan to destroy the ship's launch pad, thus crippling Prime's plan. The Decepticons attack the Autobots and CJ joins them, since he's philosophically on their side anyway. During the battle, Megatron takes a blast from Optimus intended for Cliffjumper (who was thinking how everything is different here, etc). CJ takes the initiative and uses his Glass Gas to finish off the Ark's launch pad and win the day for the Decepticons. It is a major victory and the Decepticons retreat while Prime screams they will pay for their resistance, blah, blah... CJ is glad he's picked the right side.

Comments: Another story that sells the toy set very well. However, this time the use of a non-toy set character (Cliffjumper) gives the story a little more steam then they normally have (plus CJ's always been a fav of mine). The story is simple enough in context but it works and entertains. I am a bit unimpressed by using the cheesy old Mirror Universe schtick here but it works well enough for the story. The art is pretty good and there aren't any frames where I wasn't sure what was going on (unlike what happens with IDW sometimes).


Saturday, May 03, 2008

BotCon 08 report!

The time has come...

The words have been written...

The images, posted...

The 2008 BotCon report is here:

The pictures are here:

(there are three separate albums to choose from there. The links are on the left).


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! Off to BotCon we go!

I'm writing this from Cincinnati, OH. Home of BotCon 2008! :D Hope to have a FUN week here, take LOTS of pictures and eventually do up my report of the goings-on here. Stayed tuned, my fellow Autobots/Decepticons/Maximals/Preds! :)


Friday, April 11, 2008

BOP--once more and with feeling!

Balance of Power #35 is finally done and now available! I'd intended to have it done in January, but sadly it never happened (better late then never, right? :)

The FINAL issue of BOP is 35 pages (ironically) and contains a dual-cover inside, as well color artwork by myself and three b/w pics from Peter Phelps. It still costs only $3/issue for those who want the physical issue. Email me at to get a copy!

I will have BOP #34's stories posted to my website some time this weekend...

The future... Now that BOP is over, I hope to start work on a TF comic project I've been mulling over for the last few months. I'll even set a tentative release date now--July 1st (watch it be six months later now! ;-)

- Thunder

Monday, March 31, 2008

Warlog will be late

Actually the next issue will be later in the month of april due to personal loss.
This was before I finished the entry for the PlayAtHome round over at the IDW forums, however the art for the TMcomic will also suffer because of this and as a result will be late
sorry for any incovenience this may have caused.

with regards,

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Devastation #6

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: E.J. Su

(covers by E.J Su and Nick Roche)

Summary: In the Machination's Headquarters, Scorponok and his new human Headmaster bond and go to attack Hunter and Sunstreaker. Elsewhere, Megatron and his Decepticons attack the Reapers. Despite some success, they lose Runamuck and Runabout... nearby, Galvatron watches from a hidden place and decides he must intervene to ensure the Decepticons triumph. Hot Rod defeats the Sunstreaker clones and is approached by Hardhead, who tells him they're leaving. Hot Rod tells him he's staying to find out just what's going on with Sunstreaker and these Headmasters--Hardhead relents and let's him stay. Elsewhere, Nightbeat stumbles onto a new mystery and decides to leave the Autobots to investigate it... Sunstreaker and Hunter finally merge and then escape Scorponok before he can destroy them. With the Reapers, Galvatron uses his evil/death virus and infects one of the Reapers, who then promptly goes on to infect others. The Decepticons use their distraction to destroy their ship and finish them off. Galvatron thinks how one apocalypse is averted and another begun--as he looks at Sixshot's fallen form. Epilogue: Nemesis Prime (aka Nova Prime) and Jhiaxus scheme with Galvatron about some evil plan they have! MWAH-HA-HA-HA-HAH!

Comments: Another chapter of the story ends on a ho-hum note. It's not that this issue was bad or anything but I feel like the story's been unfolding at a snail's pace in some ways. Did we really need so many issues just so Hunter could finally merge with Sunstreaker? Or so Hot Rod could casually knock out the Sunstreaker clones in about two panels? I understand this story's decompressed so they can do more TPBs but it wouldn't hurt for Furman to wrap some of these minor plot points off and continue the main story instead of dragging them on forever in a lame attempt at suspense (especially when the pay-off isn't worth it). I got Su's lovely cover art for this issue (Roche's last two covers have been uninspired, imo).

Mildly recommended.


Transformers Spotlight

Writer: George Strayton
Artist: Guido Guidi

(cover by Guido Guidi)

Summary: Mirage thinks about the dream and how it's always the same... Hound looks on as he's dying. Mirage is a Decepticon and aboard his space ship. He talks with Megatron and tells them how he can deliver him the last remaining Autobots--for a price. Megatron reluctantly agrees to give him a share of their Energon mining operations. Elsewhere, Prime and Hound look on and wonder about this Zodiac Energy they've discovered and if they can use it as a new energy source. Hound explains it's not so easy as the energy is out of phase with their reality slightly. Meanwhile, Jetfire's hurt bad and needs immediate medical attention (the exact cause of his injuries goes unexplained). Bumblebee returns and then promptly attacks them--he is revealed to be Mirage in disguise! He leads other Decepticons aboard their ship and they have a major fight. Finally, Mirage puts a gun to the helpless Jetfire's head and tells Prime to surrender or he'll kill him. Prime surrenders and Mirage promises them their safety in return... but when he contacts Megatron, he is promptly ordered to kill them. He goes to kill Hound and Prime tries to reason with him. When that fails, he attacks Mirage and knocks him into the Zodiac Energy chamber... Mirage awakens from CR and thinks about his dream and how it's always the same--but in it he's a Decepticon. Fortunately, it's just a dream...

Comments: Okay, if I understand this story... Mirage was once a Decepticon and then through the events of this story, was changed into an Autobot (presumably with his consent). At least, I think that's what it's about... honestly, the presentation isn't very good. It's too vague and not clear enough. I also have no idea when the events of this story fit into the IDW continuity exactly either. I've never heard of George Strayton before--not certain if he's a pro or a fan writer but either way his story needed a little more clarity to it. The inclusion of Zodiac Energy seems like a bit of fan wank too (it has very little bearing on the story overall--it could've easily been a power conduit/something that Mirage strikes instead). I also feel like this issue, while giving us a story with Mirage, failed to really spotlight his personality. Who is he? Why does he sympathize with the Autobots? Why does Prime seem to have so much faith in him? None of this is explained... He's presented as a generic Decepticon until he's apparently saved by the Autobots and becomes one--but we don't see any reason in his personality why they'd bother (okay, so he offers to spare their lives--but promptly takes it back when it threatens his interests). Ultimately, I found this story both confusing and irrelevant.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Devastation #5

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: E.J. Su

(Covers by E.J. Su and Nick Roche)

Summary: In a flashback, Starscream worries that Sixshot is too powerful to exist--if he were ever to turn against them then he doubts he could protect Megatron. Megatron laughs and says that he's not worried--certainly he would never create such a great weapon and not give it an "off" switch. In the here and now, the Decepticons react to the Reapers threat... Starscream schemes to Astrotrain, preparing for what's to come. Sixshot meanwhile, attacks the Reapers' ship and damages/destroys it while they watch and plan to gauge his loyalty to his comrades. In orbit, Ratchet works frantically to try and resuscitate Jimmy and Verity. Below, Hot Rod and Wheeljack are attacked by the Headmaster Sunstreakers again. With Wheeljack incapacitated, Hot Rod is left to deal with multiple targets. Elsewhere, Hunter knocks out a scientist that walks in on him--but not before he can raise an alarm. Hunter rushes to the factory floor where the Sunstreaker clone bodies are waiting and prepares to merge with one. Sixshot engages the Reapers, who try to reason with him and have him join them. Starscream chooses that time to act, challenging Sixshot in battle. Before he can fire a shot, Starscream uses a code to shut him down and render him inert. The Decepticons are forced to go out and fight the Reapers themselves. Elsewhere, Optimus decides they must leave Earth for the time being as another matter has come to his attention. Epilogue: Skywatch confirms another engagement in Oregon (the Decepticons vs. Reapers) and tells their researchers to prep the Eureka-six for battle (we see an image of the dormant Grimlock).

Comments: A busy issue which advances all of the main plot points, if only by grueling inches. It's nice that Grimlock will soon be back and that Soundwave's re-appearance was hinted at last issue. As for the future, I predict that Hunter/Sunstreaker will go to help out Hot Rod just before he gets overwhelmed by the Sunstreaker clones. I'm glad that Verity and Jimmy were saved--I really think killing them off would be pointless in the long run. I also think Sixshot will be reconsidering his options when he's turned back on and realizes he really is just a tool and not a being proper. Did the space Autobots (Prime and co.) plan to go after the Monstercons (or did I just interpret that wrong? I just don't know of any other "dangerous prisoners" in the story at the moment--and it makes sense, doesn't it?) Hopefully, next issue will wrap some stuff up a bit more...
A note on the covers. I bought E.J. Su's this time as I had a choice of covers (I usually like Roche's art but his cover was very uninspired, imo).


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Job troubles forces sell off

Just thought I'd let you all know that there are some toys I have up for grabs. I've posted these onto eBay at the below links. I always hate it when I have to sell off toys, I'm such a fan of all the generations, but I'm sure you know how this goes.

Transformers Universe Collection

Transformers RID Collection

Transformers Armada Collection

All are gently used, come with instructions. The next group will probably end up being my Energon collection and, if need be, my Cybertron collection would follow. Thanks and I hope you all are doing well. Take care.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Comic Review...

Transformers Spotlight

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Emiliano Santalucia
(Cover by Emiliano Santalucia)

Synopsis: Blaster floats through space with a large wound in his chest. He is rescued by some aliens who return him to the Autobots. Thanks to his internal monologue, we learn he was the "voice of the resistance" for the Autobots, cheering them on and keeping their spirits up--until he was betrayed by one of their own and left for dead, floating through space for years. He reviews old data tracks and attempts to recall who it was that tried to kill him... in the end, he sets up a trap for the killer and confronts them when they return to finish the job.

Comments: Another pretty good spotlight issue (I think Spotlight is my favorite of IDW's various TF efforts). This version of Blaster is both the free loving cartoon personality (at least on the surface for his brethren) and the Marvel comic's devout Autobot persona--a good meshing of the two. The art is good--I've never heard of/seen Santalucia's art before but it's a good match for the IDW stuff. The story is a simple "who tried to kill" me tale but it works fine.


Transformers: Devastation #4

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Robby Musso

(Covers by E.J. Su and Nick Roche)

Synopsis: Prologue: In Skywatch Headquarters, the secret government facility discover they've lost control of Laserbeak and Ravage because a counter-signal has asserted control of them (guess who? :) Elsewhere, Sixshot and the Autobots fight it out with Sixshot being large and in-charge. Meanwhile, Wheeljack and Hot Rod reach the junkyard begin their search for Ironhide--but it's a big yard and they don't have a lot of time before the Sunstreaker clones find them again. At Machination H.Q., Hunter decides the only thing he can do is undergo the full Headmaster process himself to help out the Autobots. He steps into the machine and is in pain as it begins... The Autobots and Sixshot fight it out some more... Verity and Jimmy realize the area is to be bombed by the government and realize they must warn the Autobots before it's too late.
The junkyard owner arrives later and call the cops because there's been a break-in. The clones pick up the signal on the police scanner and go to intercept them. Verity and Jimmy steal a powerboat and go to warn the Autobots... the Autobots and Sixshot fight some more while Sixshot brags about how powerful and unstoppable he is. The humans arrive and tell Ratchet what's going on and he warns Optimus. Prime contacts Nightbeat and tells him to beam the Autobots out--which he does. Upon arriving on Ark-32, Ratchet is shocked to realize the orbital jump was too much for Verity and Jimmy--they're both dead! In Oregon, the Reavers(?) arrive and begin to attack the Decepticon base. Megatron has Sixshot recalled and he flies off just as the bombardment by the planes begins... Prime is beamed out in the nick of time too. Epilogue: The Decepticons are scrambling to repel the attack... Astrotrain sneaks off to talk to Starscream, who says he sees an opportunity here and this time, he'll be the one standing when the dust settles.

Comments: Not a bad issue... one thing I noticed in there right away was when they initially ask Nightbeat how long it will take, his exact words are a quote from Aliens (the thing about prepping the drop ship, etc. is an exact quote of what Bishop says). I thought the entire issue was fairly good overall but as I've previously said, I'd like to see a bit more resolution to some plot threads in play (although I think we're slowly getting there). One thing that shocked me was the apparent casual deaths of Verity and Jimmy. I admit they didn't have much to do story-wise but they could've found something for them to do (or even ignored them for the time being). This coming after all the initial "we need humans to show the scale of the war/relate better to the Transformers" stuff from the company. At Botcon 06, IDW brought up the idea of killing all the human cast off to appease a small vocal percentage of the fandom. Personally, I feel this is an easy cop-out--if you're going to introduce a story element like humans then have something for them to do in the story and stick by your guns instead of listening to a bunch of whiny fans that don't know what they ultimately want. I hope their deaths aren't permanent but if they are then IDW wasted a good story opportunity with them. The art was pretty good and I look forward to the next issue.