Saturday, May 13, 2006

TransMasters Magazine Issue 2 Done

I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your keyboards just to see what
we've come up with in this issue. I hope you all enjoy and forgive any spelling/
grammar errors I might have made. It's all good fun anyway.

Check outIssue 2 NOW!

This issue includes two great stories, two good KO Korner entries and more.
(Let me know if that background on the front page is too much, I tried to
tone it down quite a bit from the original.)

Now if I can just get Issue 3 of the comic done on time....

Friday, May 12, 2006

Optimus time!

Found this via a post on ATT...

A guy did some cgi of Optimus Prime. Check it out here:

(there's a little video short too).

Monday, May 01, 2006

Transformers Comic Review...

Amazing Fantasy #20
"Death's Head 3.0 - Unnatural Selection" (Part six of five)

Format: Ongoing (multi-issue story arc)

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: James Raiz

(Cover Art by Lucio Parrillo)

Synopsis: In Geneva, GEIST watches as the delegates report in for the AIM/UN conference. They hope everything will run smoothly--little do they know that Death's Head is already there and has just killed a perimeter guard. Meanwhile, in France, Raymond Hidalgo is now not dead and has to speak to Agent Braccia urgently, despite his injuries. He tells her via videoscreen that Death's Head impaled him but also used its sub-conscious to somehow re-animate him. He tells her he briefly touched DH's thoughts and discovered all about the Uni-power and its desire to serve and "empower the disempowered". He tells her he has to get to Geneva--only he can stop Death's Head! In the AIM Euro-Hub, Goddard holds Breski and Heinkel against their wills and tells them they are watching history in the making--her evil plan is coming to fruitition! In Geneva, Death's Head fights the guards at the conference atop the roof of the auditorium. He breaks through the dome and goes after his target but Hidalgo gets there and shuts him down before he can carry it out. Later on, Braccia and Hidalgo speak... she asks how he knew how to disable Death's Head and he explains that DH showed him how when they were briefly linked earlier. Goddard escaped to parts unknown and allowed Breski and Heinkel to be released safely. She also tells him Death's Head will remain deactivated, despite having Goddard's programming stripped away--it's best this way. In the epilogue, we find out the truth--that DH is actually very much alive and now operating as a covert operative for GEIST (doing the wetworks which they can deny their involvement in).

Comments: This issue refers to part five as part six, so I wonder if I missed a part somewhere... apparently the Hulk has the DH droids in its Hulkworld storyline right now. Not sure if part five was published there or what but it felt like some information was missing. How did Goddard get Braccia/Heinkel and why? The whole "DH saved Hidalgo" thing came out of nowhere as well. That something happened was obvious but it seemed like a bit of a stretch to toss all that in there casually in this part. If they did publish another segment in another comic somewhere then I am disappointed and annoyed--I hate b.s. like that and it only serves to annoy people who invested the time and effort in buying all these comics. Apparently AF #20 is also the last issue of this comic series--I guess the series wasn't selling well enough (no big loss from what I can tell). Raiz returned to do this part's artwork and I am glad he did since I didn't care for the previous issue's artist. Hidalgo's post-DH encounter had him with one eye either missing or injured--making him a good, mirror version "father" to Goddard's evil "mother" one (interesting idea for the story). As to the story itself... it was an adequate ending but not the greatest one. This whole story felt rushed in places--like Furman either didn't get enough time to work on it or simply didn't care enough to do a good job. The format of AF wasn't conducive to the story either. Short abrupt chunks here and there as opposed to either a real limited series or better yet a graphic novel format. I also disliked that there was no real resolution to Goddard's fate--like Furman wanted to keep things open in case a series was green-lit later on. I would've rather seen her die/something rather then abruptly vanish off-camera.

All in all, a tepid effort. This part is mildly recommended.

The entire story is a pass, in my opinion.