Monday, September 19, 2011

TFUK Titan comic review: issue 3.4's been a while.....

Titan Transformers UK issue 3.4, October 2011.

Script: Robin Etherington
Art: Dario Brizuela

I recieved this comic by post on monday september 19th. I glanced over my free gift, which is a red 'disc shooter watch' including 1 autobot 'disc'.

On the cover, is a really just stock footage/film promotion of Vector Prime, mostly hidden behind all the ads for puzzles and the like.

The index is still pretty much the same and the art used for this seems like john McCrea's art showing the movie characters shown in the animated style.

A nice lowdown on Ironhide detailing his abilities and bio.

the strip:
At first, I was a little taken aback by the drop in quality seen here, the art looks like a cross between Geoff Senior and Charlie Adlard to me. What's wrong with that you ask ? well nothing really once you get used to it. let me explain: This is the first UK comic I've seen in some while since my move to the new house so I had Jon Davis-Hunt in mind when first seeing the strip. His art is more detailed than Mr Brizuela's art. like I said I got used to it.

the story is very simple but entertaining with the humans first being angry with all Transformers, later waking up to who their real friends are. This strip is split over two sections.

Inbetween we have the Sideswipe armoury section zooming in on wingsuits as seen in the movie, Ratchet's word search which is a puzzle, a Starscream and a Sideswipe Poster, another Ratchet puzzle-now a maze.

A competion to win Dark of the moon figures, 2012 annual(i'd like that), dangermouse dvd collection and a diary of a wimpy kid dvd.

Finishing off are 2 more puzzles, this time hosted by Starscream(match parts to certain transformer) and Bumblebee(word puzzle)

The letterpage(MEGA MOUTH)featuring Megatron gueststar: Sideswipe) containing some reader art and 1 letter.

on the last page is a preview for next issue hinting that it will be a Transformers PRIME issue, my guess is that it will switch from the Dark of the Moon subtitle to the Prime subtitle.

That's it.

Conclusion: For a comic i'd like it to have more art like it had in earlier/earliest issues but I guess it's more like a magazine. Still liked it though.


cover doesn't seem to be uploading.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Comic Review...

Transformers #25

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Brendan Cahill

(covers by Marcelo Matere and Brendan Cahill)

Summary:  'The Last Story on Earth' part 1 of 3! While there is much 'CHAOS' on Cybertron, there's no less bedlam here on Earth as our remaining Autobots investigate the accusation that Spike, their trusted human ally, murdered a TRANSFORMER in cold oil(?) Now it's up to our heroes to find the truth and decide the fate of human/Cybertronian relations for years to come! Prowl and Jazz take center stage!

Comments:  Another Costa issue. I pretty much forgot half of the story after reading it (a typical reaction to his stuff). I'm sure he believed there was a real story left to tell on Earth but I for one don't see it. Okay, most of Megatron's Decepticons are still there but beyond that who cares about Spike's actions in killing a Constructicon? This is likely an attempt to reset the status quo for the two new series coming next year. Let us hope those series are more exciting and better written then this one, which has largely been dull and plodding. Anyway, this issue is a lot of talking between the Earth Autobots then Prowl and Streetwise covertly save Spike from an assassination attempt by Breakdown, more talking and a cliffhanger with Prowl. The ending was decent but the rest of the issue was dull. The art was adequate but that's all I can really say about it. It was clearer then last issue's murk but not particularly great.

Verdict:  Mediocre.

Cover "B" by Brendan Cahill