Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BotCon 2010...

The big announcement has been made!

BotCon 2010 will be held in Florida (Disneyworld, specifically), June 24-27, 2010.

See the preliminary information at:


(As for me, not certain I'll be there next year. I'd love to visit Florida but not sure I'll be able to afford to go).

- Thunder

Monday, December 21, 2009


I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays with perhaps a little less snow and a little more Transformers !

-Johan/ Backbreaker
the annual card......is included or else goto http://warlogthecomic.deviantart.com/art/Transformers-Xmas2009UK-147525324

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comic Review...

Transformers #2

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Don Figueroa

(covers by Don Figueroa and Andrew Wildman)

Summary: Spike is alerted to the fact that Optimus Prime has come to his base and surrendered. Elsewhere, the remaining Autobots try to decide what to do. The minibots talk about electing a new leader while Hot Rod says he's leaving. Several other Autobots follow him out the door... Later on, Hot Rod and his Autobots meet up with Omega Supreme and ask him if they'll take him off-world but he refuses. They are attacked by some rogue Decepticons then--until Swindle asks why any of them are bothering. What's the point? The war is essentially over! Elsewhere, Spike goes to speak to Optimus Prime to learn what he can, fearing that he must find a way to keep his father (and CO's) approval. Bumblebee, meanwhile, is elected leader of the remaining Autobots. Just then, Ultra Magnus and his ship land near the Autobots base... he asks who's in charge and Bumblebee softly tells him that he is.

Comments: Another issue full of Figueroa's curious new art style. I hate it. 'nuff said. The story continues to unfold slowly and I have a feeling I know roughly where it's going but I do hope they don't take too long to get there either. A decent read but nothing revolutionary... still better then AHM ever was though.

Mildly recommended.


Transformers: Bumblebee #1

Writer: Zander Cannon
Artist: Chee

(covers by Chee and Guido Guidi)

Summary: The Autobots cheer on the appointment of their new leader (including Silverstreak--which is strange since he was counted among the deserters with Hot Rod). Days pass and Bumblebee is depressed. He discusses his thoughts with Ratchet and Wheeljack... Elsewhere, Skywarp destroys a building with some humans and ruminates about how dangerous he is. Back at Autobase, Colonel Horiuchi contacts them and explains he would like to form a pact with them so they can hunt down the evil Decepticon survivors while leaving the Autobots alone and safe. Later we learn Wheeljack has replied to the Colonel and he convinces Bumblebee to go meet with the humans. He does and agrees to the truce, also employing some badges the Colonel has given them to help them evade the rest of Skywatch's sensors. As their pact begins, Hound and Cliffjumper go and take out Frenzy, who's half crazed and in no position to fight them. The Autobots wonder about this detail... later on, the Autobots have captured six other Decepticons when Colonel Horiuchi contacts them and tells them to go after Blurr next. They explain he's an Autobot but the Colonel has decided if they're not with us they're against us. Cliffjumper objects vehemently and the Colonel has him remotely mode-locked (which can be done thanks to these badges they've all been assigned to wear). The Autobots are shocked while the Colonel explains it's just a safety thing, etc. So, yeah, now that that's settled, go out and get 'em guys!

Comments: I accidentally read this issue first of the two (it should be second). I welcome the classic art style in this series (and in Wreckers too, apparently). Originally, I'd assumed this would follow Bumblebee on some kind of solo adventure but apparently that's incorrect. So, Skywarp is left behind, one or more of the Constructicons, Swindle, Frenzy, Drag Strip, Octane, Runabout... okay, who did escape with Starscream? Yeesh! The story was reasonably good otherwise--I especially enjoyed the ending with the revelation that the rogue Skywatch unit is firmly in-control of their new allies. I don't think the others will stand for this very long. I also think it will shortly be Bumblebee's Autobots versus Hot Rod and co. Bring it, I guess... :)


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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