Friday, December 10, 2010

Comic Review...

Transformers #14

Writer: Mike Costa
Artist: Don Figueroa

(covers by Don Figueroa and Nick Roche)

Summary: Two Autobots felled in the past two issues and the punishment is only beginning! A shocking revelation and an unexpected attack begins the 'REVENGE OF THE DECEPTICONS,' the storyline that leaves a lot more Autobots on the operating table, and their entire future on Earth in question-and also features the return of superstar artist DON FIGUEROA!

Comments: I skipped the last three issues due to a lack of interest. In that time, International Incident ended (finally) and, presumably, Hot Rod got killed last issue (I base this off the description above). Bumblebee has also been assassinated as well by some kind of human anti-robot movement that materialized... This issue seems to exist to shuffle the plot elements around--we learn a little bit about BB's assassin and his motivations; the returning Autobots aboard a plane are attacked by some unrevealed source; the Autobots at the human military base are attacked by Decepticons who rescue their prisoner comrades and several guns that appear like G1 Megatron begin appearing on the Earth (including the weapon that shot Bumblebee). A giant cup of "meh". I guess Figueroa is back to drawing the art again (at least for the moment anyway). The story itself is unfocused due to its need to set up future events... Once again I am reminded of how little has truly happened in the IDW universe in the last five years.

Verdict: Neutral.

(Cover "B" by Nick Roche)

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