Saturday, September 17, 2005

Transformers Media

Have any of you been listening to the TF WIRE (Stands for TF Week In REview) Podcasts? I've been downloading the .mp3 versions whenever I get the chance to visit my friend that has the cable modem. They tend to focus mostly on toy news right now, giving their oppinions of the BotCon exclusive set, the Legends of Cybertron toys, etc. You can get their .mp3 files at: These are not small, about 30-40 MB files.

I was wondering if you were interested in this type of media commentary, video files or those comics that are created by people who take digital pictures of their toys in various positions? Ie. Generation Dumb. Not sure how often I might be able to come up with the audio or video files, but I now have an all-in-wonder video card and have sucessfully digitized video from my camcorder. Are their other types of media that you might be interested in? Let me know. Thanks.

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Thunder said...

I don't care about the mp3 commentary really but the toy comics are fun to look at (depending on how funny the person doing them is, of course! :)