Saturday, September 03, 2005

Spychanger Omega Prime

Well, it perhaps isn't ready for Transtopia, but here's one of my first real kitbashes. (I consider all my other attempts just repaints.) No, this doesn't still transform and is just basically a model now. The ladder gun makes him a bit heavy up front and I guess my add on parts weren't heavy enough to compensate. That's why you see my hand there keeping him up. This is the sort of stuff I'm looking for for the upcoming TransMasters Magazine. Hope you've been thinking of something to submit. Thanks.


Thunder said...

It looks like we're starting to pick up spam. Is there any way to prevent this sort of thing?

Pierrimus said...

This is the tricky part. I've changed the allow "Anyone" to post comments to "Registered Users". This will force them to actually identify themselves by creating a Blogger account. This might cut down on the spam, but if you have an email link in your profile a good crawler program can follow the link and pick up the individual email addresses. Earlwin wanted the blog to be open to everyone and be our sort of showcase. If forcing people to identify themselves doesn't work we could go back to the "Members Only" setting for posting comments, but then it's back to the way I set it up in the first place.