Thursday, September 22, 2005

Introducing...TransMasters E-Cards

Well after playing with the code for two nights I have finally gotten it right. Here is a new service to all you TransMasters and anyone else who you think will enjoy this:

There's a POV RAY image of the Matrix I made, A picture of Apex Prime kicking Overlord while blasting Black Zarack, The next two pictures I entered into BotCon2004's Art Contest and Auction. "Can't Get That Itch" was titled that way because I have Kicker using the Energon Sword to scratch his back (though you might not notice unless it was pointed out to you), "G1-Energon Rhettro" was an attempt to recreate the classic G1 poster using Energon characters. This one actually sold at BotCon, so all I have of it were a few digital pics I took before I went.

OK, In the Miscellaneous catagory is a character that is actually based on a toy I bought from Grocery Outlet, but later sold. For a while I created some of my own Transformer type characters, first called Cyber-Roids but I decided later to rename them Phasers. This is one of my Medieval Phasers, Leo. The very first time my fair let in 3D computer art I won a first prize with this picture.

Hopefully we can put some more pictures up for this kind of thing. Thanks.


UberNerdyBoy said...

speaking of e-cards, I recently found a couple I made during my very very active period.
was going to put them on the warlog site but now i'm wondering....... it possible to add them to this service ?
greetz johan

Pierrimus said...

Of course you can add pictures and all are welcome. Choose the best way for you and I'll stick them up on the page. Send me the Alt text descriptions so I can put them in the tags. Thanks.