Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Tshirt Avery Design Pro Files

I recently completed this new design for TransMasters Tshirts. The below images link directly to my Avery Design Pro versions. The text uses TF fonts that are widely available online. I left a 1/2 inch more than the 1/2 inch margin on the right side so if you wanted you could put your TransMasters character name vertically. I figure Hasbro shouldn't blow a gasket for just outline representations, crossing my circuits there. I attempted to keep to our symbol colors in case in the future we decide to actually try to get them printed up through a screen process. Feel free to tweak the colors if you just want to use an iron on anyway.

You might want to use the right-click, save target as option to download the files to your hard drive. Tell me what you think?

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