Thursday, September 08, 2005

More Knockoffs/Bootlegs

When I was down at Big Lots I came across these. They have to be some of the sorrier KOs of the G1 combiner toys I've seen. But 2 for $1.49 is really cheap and they'd probably be good for kitbashing or creating some kind of diorama scene where you wanted to smash up or melt some plastic. The reason I say this is that the plastic is much more brittle than the originals or even good KOs use. I no sooner began to transform the Skydive clone than I broke off his right arm. I have one of those wierd Menasor KOs (It has 2 technobots rather than all the Stunticons), for which I decided to put the Streetwise KO onto, the post was a *bleep* to get in and then the hole was too loose and Menasor's hand kept falling out. This makes me beleive they are copies of copies if you know what I mean.

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