Friday, September 16, 2005

Expanded Archive

Thanks to Johan Piest for the scans of AutoUpdate 40, 41. By my own error I had issue 41, and still need issue 39. But all of the rest of the issues are now scanned and online. I've also fixed the index page so you should now be able to just go to:
to get the site.
I've added my Unofficial Beast Wars Transformers Comics and a link to Johan Piest's War Log site. If you have medias you want to add to the archive by either links or through scans sent to me, please let me know and I'll try to get them up ASAP (or as soon as I have some time...)

A question I'd like to pose: Do you think we should try to have another proposed media, perhaps back to the b/w copied-snail mailed version for Fanfic/Stories? (I know I probably shouldn't have sent that Universe story as HTML through the Yahoo Group, next time plain text.) Perhaps it's a moot question right now, since we have so few active members so far. But I can envision a point where the Magazine might not be the best forum for the stories. I guess it comes down to wether you prefer to have something physical in your hands to read or if you are fine with the digitized versions. I still like to read paper more than off the computer screen or to try to use my Visor's eBook software (that usually translates into HTML files anyway). The TMUK's forum had this question before and they said about 90% of the votes were still for a paper format. What do you think?


UberNerdyBoy said...

could you please edit the link. it does not work in my browser. mozilla.
I know how to make it work but suspect some might not.

Pierrimus said...

Yea I keep forgetting to ensure I have my slashes the right way. MS's stuff doesn't seem to care but the rest of the world might. I had to edit all my updated .gif files because I goofed and they were all capitalized extensions..MS don't care, Unix/Linus does. Ah fun. Sorry about that folks.

Pierrimus said...

Just to let you all know ubernerdyboy has provided me with scans of issue39 and they have been posted now. Thanks Johan!