Sunday, March 18, 2012

Comic Review...

Cover "A" by Guido Guidi
Infestation 2: Transformers #2

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Guido Guidi
(covers by Guido Guidi and Livio Ramondelli)

Summary: The Infestation threatens all of North America, and its evil seems unstoppable as it infects everything in its path. Tobias Muldoon is called upon to help the Autobots find a solution, and he knows the perfect man for the job--Nikola Tesla! Together they attempt to re-activate Optimus Prime, but it's unclear if he will be able to turn the tide in an increasingly hopeless situation!
Comments:  Of the two issues this is the better one (which isn't much of a compliment really). The humans gather a fleet of ships and go to attack Port Cenotaph, Nova Scotia. Several governments have lost ships in the area but this logic doesn't really explain why they all sent a bunch of warships at once (besides plot convenience). Meanwhile, Tobias, Nikola and the Autobots try to resurrect Optimus
Prime. All of the Autobots give their energy reserves to power Tesla's device which in turn will take E.M. energy from the Earth and power Optimus. It succeeds at last. The humans assault Port Cenotaph and the Lovecraftian god that has risen there along with its legion of undead minions. The Autobots arrive and attack then. Optimus injures the god and it descends for the depths of the ocean once more along with its followers. The end.
   A short and ultimately pointless comic mini-series. Also, why does Optimus have a steam punk look to him even before he gets re-awoken? That made no sense to me...  All my previous criticisms from the previous review still apply. This story is too short and we don't really get a good sense of the big picture to really understand it all (nor do the characters really get any time to have personalities so that we care for them).

Verdict:  Pass.

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