Monday, March 05, 2012

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Cover by Livio Ramondelli
Transformers: Autocracy #2

Writers: Chris Metzen and Flint Dille
Artist: Livio Ramondelli

Summary:  ZETA PRIME reveals his plan to the senate... and ORION PAX is sent on a new mission. With these two acts-- nothing on Cybertron will ever be the same again.

Comments:  Wow. Now the story's getting going... we see Zeta Prime for the first time and he is one large imposing looking character (he strikes me that he should really be a Decepticon). He plans to use a weapon created long ago by "Jihauxus" (do they mean Jhiaxus? Or is it another character with a similar name?) The weapon is a gun called the Vamparc Ribbon and it can suck Energon out of an opponent then re-purpose it to destroy new targets. Starscream is present for the council meeting as is Soundwave in disguised mode. Starscream slips up while sucking up to Zeta, forcing him to reveal Soundwave (as a distraction). He transforms and manages to escape... Also, Orion Pax and Ultra Magnus spare and Orion wonders if they're even on the right side in this fight (then later he goes to rally his unit to follow Zeta Prime's deployment orders).
   The story is short but this part was more interesting and reveals more of what's going in this era of Cybertronian history. Zeta Prime is a monster by his own admission and looks the part. We know this story will likely end with his destruction (or at least Orion Pax deciding not to follow him).
   The art continues to be fairly good and much more clear then the physical comics Ramondelli drew before.

Verdict: Good. 

Available online only (from for 0.99 USd)

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