Monday, March 05, 2012

Comic Review...

Transformers: Autocracy #3

Writers: Chris Metzen and Flint Dille
Artist: Livio Ramondelli

Summary:  ORION PAX's counter-terror strike team is in pursuit of SOUNDWAVE and the information he's stolen. But the secrets Soundwave carries are deadlier than the Decepticon-controlled territory the Autobots find themselves in!

Comments:  Orion Pax and his team of Autobots pursue Soundwave as the Decepticon attempts to make his way back to Kaon. During the pursuit he uses many of his Recordacons to try and slow down the Autobots with mostly successful results. Finally, Orion catches up to him and subdues him, only to have the Seekers get the drop on him.
   An all-chase/fight issue but it wasn't bad for what it was. Some minor nitpicks--Frenzy and Rumble are still confused here like in the old cartoon, with Frenzy being red and black and Rumble being blue (I've always considered the toy colors/names to be accurate). Also, Ratbat here is depicted as a animal drone of Soundwave's while other stories set in this continuity have shown him to be intelligent and a former Senator sympathetic to the Decepticon cause. Assuming this takes places in the main IDW continuity, this is a definite discontinuity.
   All the covers for this series so far have been good. I especially like this issue's Soundwave centric cover.

Verdict:  Good. 

Cover by Livio Ramondelli

Available online only (from for 0.99 USd)

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