Thursday, August 23, 2007

Received that "Sig" from Sunstar at

OK, so it's corny and probably not what I was expecting when I entered. (For some reason I thought I'd get to choose what to have done...nope. And I was kind of thinking along the lines of a blue flame Alt. Roddy for a new Pierrimus...)
Just to let you know, I'm working on some small .gif animations and images that are from way back in 1993. Do you remember the funny art pad thing you could hook to the TV and draw with, I think it was by Vtech but can't really recall and I haven't been able to find it again doing a google search. It was about $65 back then...but it's resoloution wasn't very good. Well, due to time and age I decided I should use my All-In-Wonder to digitize these old color images, I've removed most of the bottom seciton that used to be the tool/color selection bar on the screen. The process had the worst time with red or pink backgrounds and you'll be able to tell. One of the problems I had was that these cheap VCRs no longer have tracking and if you've changed VCRs over the years you probably know how fun it is to playback recordings. These will probably be posted with the next comic unless you clamor for them now...
I was going to post one here, but it seems a bit too big and I might have to shave it down to post elsewhere. Bummer.

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