Thursday, August 02, 2007

Transmasters Magazine Issue 4 has arrived! Yippie

First thing's first, I have to retract something I posted in the last comic. Johan Piest will still feature his War Log comic in the Transmasters Comic. Yea, I bow to Backbreaker's superiority and skill!

On to the Magazine:
please let me know if you are having difficulties. Some people stated they had their virus checker go nuts on freeserver's pop-up ads. This will probably be the last item posted there,
but I'll mirror it elsewhere if you still have problems. Thanks.

Hmm...let's see, if I count August, there's 5 more months in this year. I'd like to see at least one more comic issue and magazine issue out before the year's end. What say you folks? I know that I will have to probably get another job soon, say in less than 2 weeks. New jobs are a bit of a hastle and will more than likely occupy a bunch of my time so definitely not within August. I'm going to just punch out a date for when I'd like to publish the next comic and pray I make it. Let's try for October 31 for issue 5 of the comic and then November 30 for issue 5 of the Magazine. Maybe a small quickie "special" holiday themed comic December15-22?

Let me know what you think both about the above schedule and this issue. I have the first chapter of the Classics story in draft mode already. Well, everyone take care and stay safe. (If not, at least have fun when you get into trouble, hey, hey.)

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UberNerdyBoy said...

Again a good issue. I have been shelving my robotmaster knock off review for some time now, I was going to do that for the magazine. besides that I really don't know much that I could contribute. have to agree with you on the Transmorphers....not worth watching ! about your comic schedule....last of October could work, don't know about the xmas issue though...I have 2 warlogs planned, one for 10 October and 1 for 12 it might be a bit hard. At this moment I am sketching a couple of covers, and perfecting the Kasmun story, which will run thru most of the transmasters comic. as soon I can Í'll post a message on the dutch board to promote the magazine. take care and have a good summer ! Greetings week england...picking up the UK comic !