Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good times in the UK !

Having just gotten back from the UK from a lovely vacation with my girlfriend, ofcourse I scoured the shops of London for TF stuff ! My aim was to find the new UK comic with artwork from Geoff senior but more on that later.....

The visit to Harrods was quite dissapointing, a TF race track, more than a couple of starscream protoforms, and assorted stuff like a mr potatoe optimus the books section I got more lucky as they had the "ghosts of yesterday" novel.

later in the week we got a chance to visit the Forbidden Planet store in London and after that a couple more comic shops because we decided it was to be a nerd day :)

No UK comic there ! did pick up Infiltration and Escalation tpb's and the movie adaption, also by Alan Dean Foster.

finally on the last day, monday the 13th of august we found some of them at the WH Smith branch in london at Oxford street. at first I saw only the one with the autobot dogtags but my girl made sure that I did not forget the one with the Decepticon dogtags !!!!

So.....great vacation !

greetz johan


Thunder said...

Glad you had fun on your trip! :) btw, what's this UK comic Geoff Senior is doing? Is it something TF related or something else entirely? Just wondering... :)

UberNerdyBoy said...

Geoff did his TF(new movie) related artpart for the first issue, next up is Nick Roche followed by Guidi and Wildman. a rotating schedule as far as I can tell. about 10 pages of new stuff from geoff, the rest is filled with IDW reprints and movie trivia. Great fun !