Saturday, September 08, 2007

BOP #32 now available!

I think I've set a new record for getting a subsequent issue of BOP out. Following less then a month since the last issue, BOP #32 is now done and available for ordering! It costs $3/US issue for those who want the whole thing. Email me at to get a copy!

The stories from BOP #31 will be up soon (likely by the end of the weekend) at

In regards to the future issues, BOP #33 may take a bit longer to do up. I've been quite busy with other stuff of late but I'll try not to take too long on it... (#34 is not ready neither is #35 so they may also take a bit more time to do).

- Thunder


Pierrimus said...

Received the issue saturday and have given it a good read. I like how you tried to get into the heads of the various characters by changing the POV so often. Sludge the Dinobot leader...almost makes me laugh since he's likely the very last one that should have command. I was sort of expecting a fight between the two Autobot forces this issue...but this is a great lead up to that eventuality. As for joining all these groups to fight the dark fleet, good luck. Starscream's schemes and a cliffhanger ending...better check out the next issue folks.

Thunder said...

Thanks for the comments. :) The next issue's story is about ready now and I just have to get the cover drawn up and colored.