Monday, January 30, 2006

Transfomers Comic Review...

Amazing Fantasy #17
"Death's Head 3.0 - Unnatural Selection" (Part two of five)

Format: Ongoing (multi-issue story arc)
Availability: General/mass media

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: James Raiz
Cover Art by Lucio Parrillo

Synopsis: Death's Head escapes the AIM facility, using as little lethal force as possible. Meanwhile, Hidalgo reports back to his GEIST contact, who tells him he'll have to return to AIM's headquarters and find out just what Goddard has planned for Death's Head. Braccia, Hidalgo's contact in GEIST is unable to get further resources for their investigation as her boss is concerned over the security arrangements for the upcoming UN conference with AIM. Elsewhere, AIM's leadership also attempt to understand what is going on--Goddard observes them secretly and gloats how they can't possibly figure her plan out in time to stop it. Once she's succeeded, AIM will rally to her side once more! Elsewhere, Death's Head comes to West Africa and assesses a high tech complex that he breaches. It turns out the complex is a high tech prison and he is there to rescue a prisoner... GEIST monitors from their satellite and assumes it is a former comrade of Goddard's held there, but they are wrong. Death's Head rescues Curtis Henri, a rebel opposed to the current government in this African country. As they attempt escape, Henri is cut down by gunfire and dies. DH reacts to his failure and starts to kill the military forces opposing him--just as Goddard had planned.

Comments: The plot continues. Part two is okay... basically, it feels like a bit of padding to the story. We know from part one that Goddard wants Death's Head to assassinate the UN Secretary General--but the characters otherwise, don't. Furman decided to go the route of them playing catch up. Meanwhile, Death's Head itself has some prior core programming and is confused about who and what it is. It's not certain taking lethal action is in it's best interests. Goddard has used the prison scenario to try and enrage the mechanoid, making it forget its inhibitions and doubts and just strike out. Will it be enough to accomplish her goals? In my opinion, probably not but we'll see. I do hope the story goes in some unexpected directions in the remaining three parts--right now, I can predict the outcome of the story (and that's never any fun!)

Mildly recommended.

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