Wednesday, February 01, 2006

tekcities problem: CDROM news

Any of you who may have tried to visit the TransMasters Comic recently might have had the problem of not seeing any of the images. I uploaded the files for the Magazine (due today) on Monday and then checked yesterday just to find out that none of the images were appearing. I am unsure of why this is happening. I will attempt to upload the files someplace else as soon as I can and redirect you to those links until I can figure out if it was something I did wrong. Sadly, this will mean a delay in the Magazine.

I'm also very appologetic to those of you waiting to see the Archive CDROM. It is nearly finished, but will also have a bit of a delay. I hope to get both of these done on Saturday.

This is all due to me getting a new security job. This time it's down in the Sacramento region, so about 1hr drive both ways from where I'm at. It's with McKesson--a Health Care computer services company. I've gone from "take away the detec scanner and you do the same job as 50 years ago" to High Tech monitoring/access badges/and in-house PBX (we're the operators). I worked 8 days in a row (9 if you count orientation) had friday off, spent my Sat at a 10 hr Red Cross First Aid/CPR course and am back now on 5 days straight. Fun. Hopefully soon I'll get into a regular schedule. At least I'll get Fri and Sat off in future.

Thank you all for your patience.

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