Friday, January 13, 2006

First New Online Registered member???

I received the first set of information from someone using the TransMasters Web Site form:

Name = Ethan Hauser
DOB = 03/03/2005
Gender = Male
Email =
Street = 3 Twin Oaks Court
City = Sewell
State = NJ
Privacy = OptOut
faction = Autobots
fanfic = No
drawtf = No
tfclubs = No
involve = Lurker
paydues = Nothing
shirtsize = Child Small
paychoice = Money Order

Now what I think is really funny here is the fact that this person isn't even a year old. Hmm... they must start those computer lessons real early in this family! Should I write the email address and ask if this is a serious join, or should I chalk it up to someone too bored at the time? I know at one time we decided to drop the age limit, but this is going a bit too far.

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Pierrimus said...

I received the second membership form, and after reviewing it made this message:

I would have liked to say welcome to the club, but since you have chosen to either give

fradulent or no information in several of the yellow areas on our online membership form,

I cannot.

If you are seriously attempting to join the TransMasters fan club, please Go Back and reapply.

Areas that must be completely and truthfully filled out are:

Your real name
Date of Birth
Email Address
Street Address
Zip Code

All of these are REQUIRED. This is so that should Hasbro ever decide to audit our

activities at least they'd have bare minimum contact information. Your privacy selections

will be honored, it will only go into my records if you have Full Opt Out checked.

Thank you for your time. I hope that we can soon call you fellow members.


Peter "Pierrimus" Phelps
TransMasters President/Archivist

--I know it may seem a bit harsh, but it does clearly say "Items in Yellow are required." I don't think that the above fields are too much to ask for, everything else being optional. Though I do think that when I get around to revamping the site I'll probably set a "Parent must join for children under 5" requirement. And clearly state that the member must have some kind of participation within 6 months or we drop 'em. Hate to set this type of stuff up...any suggestions here folks?