Tuesday, January 10, 2006

new TF movie footage?

I found this on ATT... a website with what looks like test footage of Sideswipe.


- Thunder

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Thunder said...

Okay, apparently it's fake...

From ATT (later on), somebody posted that Don Murphy said:

Here's what Don Murphy had to say on his board:

>>So I get 50 + emails today

and phone calls
and Ian does and Tom does
and Michael does and Steven does
and poor ILM does
and we are all glad you are excited... it means a lot to us.

NONE of our test footage has been leaked yet.

We'd tell you if it had.
We'd leak it if it was ready and interesting.

Sorry, IT IS ALL A FAKE. In some cases a very good fake. But a fake

Stop sending it stop linking to it- it ain't real."

Still, it's neat looking! :)