Saturday, December 03, 2005

TransMasters : More Than Meets The Eye

Because I've seen several of these done by Matthew on, and I liked them a bit too much, here's my attempt at a Binaltech/Alternators Brawn. I've decided my entries into this group will be called BINALTERTECH, mostly because I still want to sort of connect with the Binaltech story, but identify sort of with the Alternators too. OK, pete, get on with it.

Brawn TransMasters:MTMTE

I'm going to do up some like this for the TransMasters Comic. Starting out with the 3 toys in
the My 1st Transformers line. Actually giving them some character and better names than: Car, Jet and Truck. (Perhaps not by much, and the art's sort of quickie stuff. It was mostly for fun.) I plan to try to move into the Rescue Heroes and then maybe the Go-Bots after that. (I'm not sure if I want to make a story that ties them into G1 or if Cybertron would be the way to go since what are all those Autobots on Earth doing while the regular forces are running around the universe?)

I think we'll probably go with the TransMasters: More Than Meets The Eye for the forward character universe. I don't want to mix us up with the very popular TransMasters Universe from before. Let me know if you agree or want to keep the older name? I'm flexible here.

Thanks. I hope to do up some xmas cards to post on the e-card site. I used to try to do at least one pic for xmas and one for new years. Cross your circuits.

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