Sunday, December 18, 2005

TransMasters: More Than Meets The Eye 2

Here's a Template for the Decepticons. If these don't come out this one is supposed to be about 933 x 1512 pixels let me know and I'll post them elsewhere. Thanks.


B-W said...

These templates are amazing! Do you have suggested fonts for use in entering the profile text itself?

Pierrimus said...

Well, like I said before these aren't exactly as large as the files themselves, Blogger must be limiting how large they can be. As for fonts, you can search them out on just about any good forum. I think most of mine were from the downloads section of Transfandom. I use mostly Transformers Solid for the bigger stuff and I beleive I went with Arial Rounded MT Bold for the basic profile text. I also have been using a program called Ultimate Paint that I downloaded, it's a demo so doesn't have all the features, but it's simple and I like how I can create text without having to worry about a square background, you can lay it right over all the rest.