Saturday, November 26, 2005

Transformers: Bootleg

As reported in Tony K.'s BotCon 2005 report there was
a b/w media being given out for free. This was a 43 page
media with art, some of those Generation Dumb comics,
and stories. For all of us who did not get it:
she has posted it up in .pdf format for all to see. I beleive
she used to be a former TransMaster member and produced
Roll Out!  I will try to contact her soon and see if she's
still interested in the club.
On another note, we have now seen the new merger
logo for the combined company. I thought they said
they were going to get rid of Takara, but it is now just
the Takara and Tomy names like before but in white on
a sort of purple background rounded square. So I guess
we have to say (C) Hasbro/Takara Tomy in January,
unless it's changed again....wouldn't surprise you now,
would it?

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