Wednesday, December 28, 2005

TransMasters Comic Issue # 1

Well, I'm as done with it as I'm going to be so here goes:
TransMasters Comic Issue 1
the contents page points to a revised (mostly just
updated with new logos, arrows for story flow, and
adjustment to colors toward what it should have been)
issue 0 1/2. Since it is entirely composed of my stuff
there are a lot of bios and a project I began before
taking over as Pres/Archivist: The Trans Blunders.
The cover is a poster I drew up, but I goofed when
I took the toy to work, those little shoulder thingies
came off and I didn't realize it so he's drawn without
Hope you like.
Could someone please post this to the Yahoo Groups?
I'm still hard bouncing and it's my ISP's fault now for
sure. Gotta get it fixed soon. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Added links to it on the Hub forum. Looking good so far Pierrimus.

Once I feel a bit better I'll give it a proper read through but looks like you've done a bang up job.

autoforse said...

Hey Pierrimus. Saw the first issue. Colors and pages show up suprisingly good online. The blunder version of have put a LOT of thought into it. Actually a couple of the ideas would translate well into modern versions of old data disks instead of cassettes. I may try to subit somthing myself. I encourage everyone to do so. .."Until All Are One"-Autoforse

Thunder said...

I read the first issue too and liked it for the most part. There's the odd part where it's hard to tell what's going on, but most of it comes through good. Good job!