Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comic Review...

Transformers: Bumblebee #4

Writer: Xander Cannon
Artist: Chee

(covers by Chee and Guido Guidi)

As Bumblebee races down the highway we learn his mission last issue was, in fact, a success (which is good, since the last issue didn't make that clear one way or the other). BB detects another Cybertronian lifesign and the Autobots (who are texting with him/monitoring remotely) determine it's Skywarp! BB turns around and races back there to try and save the Serena (little girl) and Sanjay (father). Elsewhere, Skywatch discovers that the Autobots have scammed them (due to Cliffjumper and the others yelling at Bumblebee verbally instead of texting to him). They also realize Klonowski has gone somewhere armed... Back at the house, Sanjay and his daughter leave with Bumblebee...Sanjay quickly goes on about how evil Bumblebee is--he's just like all the others to which the daughter contests that he's a good robot. Skywarp corners BB and he is forced to transform and flee Skywarp. Skywarp gives chase, telling him how that board could be the greatest weapon against the Autobots yet--the Decepticons can use them as pets when they eventually return and they'll have Skywarp to thank for it all! Sanjay overhears it all and considers using the board to short Skywarp and BB out right then and there--but Serena gets all teary-eyed and convinces him not to. The Autobots text BB that they're on their way, ETA ten minutes. Just then, Klonowski shows up with a bazooka type weapon and BB thinks he's about to get it--but instead Skywarp gets shot. Skywarp corners BB again and BB decides to use the board to short them both out, knowing the other Autobots will reactivate him later. Later on, Ratchet and Klonowski talk about Bumblebee. He's being upgraded and Klonowski tells them basically, all's well and end's well (he took the heat off Colonel Horiochi and got severance money deposited into his account--but Skywatch considers him a traitor now). He leaves and Bumblebee emerges in his new upgraded car form (which seems to suggest he's a camaro now).

Comments: An okay ending for the story. The Skywarp thing almost felt contrived though--yes, he was in the rest of the story but the whole sudden "I know about the control board" thing was abrupt and not foreshadowed really (or not well, anyway). I also would've liked to have known why Skywarp was even still on Earth--AHM made it seem like he'd gone off into space with the rest of the Decepticons (and more and more it seems like just about every Decepticon got left behind on Earth). I also would've liked Klonowski to at least explain why he did what he did--even a simple "it just felt like the right thing to do" would've sufficed. Instead we get nothing. BB's new form--it's okay for the most part but I hate those feet! They look like boxes on his feet (what ever were they thinking with that?) Sanjay and Serena don't look east Indian as their names suggest, they look white (I know it's hard to get coloring in comics right but no one even tried here). The same goes for Colonel Horiochi, who's last name implies he was of Japanese descent (minor nitpicking here, I admit, but still!) Also, the overall story failed to really resolve the whole stranded-on-Earth thing instead settling for a pointless side-story. So, with the exception of BB's new form nothing really got done--we're just back to square one after all is said and done (kinda like watching an episode of Star Trek).

This issue: Recommended.
The entire mini-series:
Pass. Nothing more then a side tale that wastes four issues to ultimately do nothing to move the overall story along.

(cover "B" by Chee)

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