Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back and ready for action!

Just a bit of an update...

I've done some more work on the Transmasters website and we now have several more things up:

- The "Archives" section has several pics of old fanzines up now, including TransAction, Auto-Update, BOP, Conquest, Teletran, etc. and a small blurb about the various publications. I might add more with time but this is at least a start. I also did a little blurb about Peter's TM CD, which is a very useful resource (it helped me get pics of TransAction and some stuff I don't have).

- The "Comics" section has pics added to it now from every company (not of every comic--that would be a lot of work!) I have a few sample covers from Marvel, Marvel UK, DW, IDW and some BotCon comic covers too. The idea being to introduce newcomers/be a quick reference guide for a fan.

- There is now a "News" section with the RSS feed from (like Peter used to have on his old site). While I would love to have the resources to do my own news it just isn't feasible at this time so this will have to do for now.

- The "Magazine" section now has links to some previous issues. I have TM Comic #0, #1 (on the actual site) as well as links to issues #4 and #5 (external site). I also have TM Mag #1 (on site) and #4 and #5 (external site).

That's all for now. Til all are one!


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Earlwin said...

Aside from TransMasters Web Log and the official site, we can certainly use the new features on Google Docs to store/share files--old and new fanzines/fan fictions. Their newest feature should allow us to upload more file formats like a PDF.