Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Comic Review...

(Note: This issue was short-shipped to my city and I got it a week late finally, hence the delay in the review).

Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #2

Writers: Nick Roche and James Roberts
Artist: Nick Roche (pencils), John Wycough (inks)

(covers by Nick Roche and Trevor Hutchison)

Summary: We open with a prologue set in the past where Overlord fights Autobots on the battlefield. He transforms and leaves to attend a battlefield meeting with Megatron and two others via holo. Megatron explains his new six phase strategy... Overlord dislikes it and Megatron tells him he can either fall in-line or be dismembered--the choice is his. Now: the Wreckers continue onward to Garras-9. The new recruits discuss Impactor and wonder what the real story is behind him ending up on the prison world is. Nearby, Perceptor inspects Impactor while Springer and Impactor speak. Springer asks him how he escaped and we're treated to a flashback where Snare springs Impactor to go for help. In the present, Impactor and Springer have words about whatever it was he did and Impactor storms off (while Verity overhears the exchange). Ultra Magnus says he and Verity will be returning to Earth while the Wreckers continue to the prison world--to which Verity whispers that she "doesn't think so". The Wreckers gather later and discuss the fact Overlord is on G-9 now. Kup explains to Verity who Overlord is (since she asks). Kup says Overlord had them dead to rights on that planet (from the prologue) before he turned and skipped out on the war, deciding on "option two" instead (i.e. he doesn't do as Megatron says and waits for him to come find him). Apparently Kup's retelling is horrific since Verity looks utterly stunned (or maybe the art just went really wrong in that panel?) The Wreckers instigate their plan and Ultra Magnus leaves (apparently he's too dim to see if Verity is actually with him or not). Verity stows away with the Wreckers in body armor reminiscent of Arcee's design. The Wreckers crash land in two drop pods where the Decepticons are waiting for them and Overlord looms large over them (ooh! Scary!)

Comments: Well, this issue had better pacing for a certainty. Additionally, the story is moving reasonably quick--which is not like most of IDW's output thus far. The art is decent to good (although Roche can't seem to get Verity quite right. Thus far, only EJ Su has managed to successfully make her look right. Roche keeps making her too kiddie-cute for my tastes). I'm surprised Verity has survived five years (in real time) and we still don't know anything at all about her (this isn't Roche's fault, though. I blame the previous writers for never getting around to exploring her past). I also enjoyed Megatron threatening Overlord in the flashback--although I am getting sick of everyone freaking out when they hear Overlord's name. All right, he's a bad-ass. We get it. Yeesh! I did find the reference to Operation: Volcano a bit fan-wanky too... All in all, a decent issue.


(Cover "B" by Trevor Hutchison is displayed with this review).

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