Monday, June 09, 2008

B.O.T.S. Convention Holland

I was there also Sunday afternoon with Olaf, Daniel and my girlfriend.
We left from Zwolle and arrived at around 1 o'clock I think. Immediatly after entering the building I registered for the "Jumpstarter Challenge", and after that we tried to fill out this years quiz. After all, some of us remembered the difficult questions from a few years back but during the task we noticed that it got somewhat easier.

Time for the first runaround ! After a quick look at the TFAnimated toys that were put in glass housing for viewing only we walked on and found stuff where I was looking for, Marvel UK G1 comics, first I found No 59 and a little later it was joined by No 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 243 ! :D
By now I was thinking....Ready ! Finished !....but ofcourse I kept looking and searching.

Further on my list was Mega Octane vfrom the RID line, but didn't come across the toy and I wanted to buy some Animated stuff !!(after paying offcourse....)
Then my girlfriend had a queastion:" don't they have that rabiit ? what's his name again ?" "Euh hmmm Stampy right ?" and sure enough a little later we found that one, her first Transformer !

After a short break involving fries and kroket(dutch snack) the time came to participate in the Jumpstarter challenge, with a 'whopping' 5 people involved, anyway I came in second with my very vintage TopSpin !! I was very pleased with my TFMovie Robot Replica Bumblebee and will defend my second place next year.

After another round I bought an Encore Jazz/Meister and after a few more rounds of walking and doubt an Encore Starscream joined him ! My girlfriend bought an Animated Bumblebee because she thought it was cute !

Conclusion: a great improvement comparing to next year !
More space, which made the temperature bearable !
Also nice was the special place for smaller kids, just say the "next generation" of fans showing in that corner the ditch version of TFArmada !
More dealers ! Too bad the Drawing and Kitbash competions were cancelled but I had a really good time and it was nice to see the faces behind the names/websites, which makes it even more fun !

see you next year !


Additional photo and video will follow !
official Dutch convention site
...and yes, then I will wear my Deaths Head II T-Shirt again.....


Thunder said...

Sounds like you had fun. :) Were there a lot of people there?

UberNerdyBoy said...

I had a lot of fun ! I heard an estimate of 250 people attended but official figures will come out any day I suppose. One of the organizers is a regular poster on so I'll expect something posted there.