Sunday, June 15, 2008

Minor site update and other news...

I finally got around to adding BOP #35's story to my website yesterday night.

It's here:

The final issue's story. As with any of the stories, feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

- Otherwise, I hope to get around to doing up that BOP CD-ROM one of these days... when it's finally completed, it will have all of the issues of BOP on it in pdf format (including the covers, profiles, letter columns, intro columns, etc).

- I'm also working on getting more of my fanfic (Legends) that appeared in the TM online magazine finished up. Next up: part three with Grimlock. Two more parts are slated to follow afterward before it's complete.

- Finally, the TF comic script is finished (in rough, anyway) and I will eventually get around to drawing that up. But it will be some time before it's ready... likely toward the end of the year.


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