Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm a deviant --artist that is.

Finally decided to check out DeviantArt for posting files to. You can check out my first 3 submissions at:


They include 2 brand new MTMTE template files themed for the TF Classics line and Bumblebee's bio as a sample. (Click for full view, then right click save as to save to your computer.) I like using this site because I can post them at full size rather than how the first MTMTE templates I posted here, they were reduced. I might post more stuff there later and expect to see a set of Dinobots done in this style for the upcoming Octobot (err...October) Transmaster comic. I just didn't want to wait to post these as other fans may also get a kick out of using them. Let me know if you'd be interested in more of these templates...now with an official Beast Wars guidebook coming out it might be cool to do more up for the different generations?

I'm going to be throwing out the "no crossovers" rule entirely. So you should go wild with creativity if ya wanta. I'm going to do something for the cover of the comic that will be a blast from the past but fit in with the whole halloween thing. I'm still working on the short 5 page intro comic to my Binaltertech story (Yea, combo of Binaltech and Alternators so I can pull characters from both lines...you'll see.) Tons of new Trans Blunders...'cause they're easy to draw.

One of these days, hopefully sooner than later, I'd like to revamp the main Transmasters site so it gathers together the blog, our comic/mags and other stuff into a better organized system. I tend to just refer things to the blog, but it's not really where people go to join the club....ah time, ever elusive isn't it? Take care.


UberNerdyBoy said...

like the profile templates, maybe you could put the transmaster versions up also ? a better organised system could help....little menu's that point to member media etc etc....Warlog volume, comic 2 is on the way for 10 oktober and my contribution for Transmasters comic 5 is in full production....please let me know when you plan to release it. greets Johan

Pierrimus said...

Just as a quick update on this topic, if you follow the link you'll now be able to access the G1 MTMTE templates at full size and new Beast Wars themed ones. Go crazy folks, thanks.