Sunday, November 20, 2005

Transmasters Yahoo Groups Update...

We do and have had for some time a yahoo groups e-list. At Pierrimus' bequest, I went through and cut out all of the old emails that were coming up as "bouncing". Some are old people that are no longer interested and some are people who changed addresses but didn't update them with the list.
If, by some chance, you were cut off accidentally (your account was full and it was bouncing the posts back or you were just a person who stopped in and browsed the posts every so often) then I apologize. We're just trying to get things a bit more up to date with the list.

If you need to be re-added, or just want to join, go to:

You can either get the posts emailed to you directly, by daily digest or just put down "no emails" and come read the posts when it pleases you (I recommend the email option, but whatever's good for you).

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