Saturday, May 12, 2012

Comic Review...

Cover "A" by Alex Milne
Transformers: More Then Meets The Eye #4

Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Alex Milne
(covers by Alex Milne and Nick Roche)

Summary:  DANGER IN SPACE! Investigating the abandoned AUTOBOT facility on DELPHI-one-time home of fan-favorites THE WRECKERS-RATCHET uncovers a danger greater than he's ever faced and the return of a character long thought lost! Will this bring them closer to their goal of finding the Knights of Cyberton-or kill them?!

 Comments:  The Autobots visit Delphi, where First Aid (and others are). It turns out there's a plague of Red Rust happening at the medical facility there. Of the landing party, Pipes accidentally gets infected (I think this is probably the first time I can ever remember Pipes being in a TF comic. Cool!) Then Drift gets infected too, leaving First Aid and Ratchet to try to figure out how to cure them. Elsewhere, Tailgate learns the truth of the Great War and confronts Cyclonus over it. Back on Delphi, the Decepticon Justice Division Decepticons get into the base--just in time to be confronted by a resurrected Fortress Maximus!
    This issue was better then last issue's tale about the Spark Eater. Having said that, I still didn't find it all that great. I keep wondering if Roberts comic is going to be mostly about (nearly) mundane happenings on the Autobots ship and mostly episodic--or if it will get some kind of general arc going on. I need something more to get invested in this comic and so far it hasn't delivered on it (I don't want a "writing for the trade" style like Mike Costa seemed to do but I do want to feel like we're going somewhere, at least generally, in the comic and so far it feels like the writer's making it all up as he goes). Whatever he thinks he's doing with this comic (trying to reinvent the wheel? Do an action comedy? I dunno), it hasn't been working for me so far.

Verdict:  Average.

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