Saturday, May 12, 2012

Comic Review...

Cover by Andrew Wildman
Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5

Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Andrew Wildman
(cover by Andrew Wildman)

Summary:  From Zero Space, we see all of time and space...past, present, future...alternate timelines? We observe Primus and Unicron engage in their grand battle, we see Unicron later devouring worlds...the rise of the Transformers and the Great War... important moments from the Transformers past (the Marvel Series) play throughout the story even as in the present Soundwave rallies his Decepticons in a call to arms. They are tired of Autobot peace and resolve to act! Kup, Ultra Magnus and Hot Rod come to Optimus Prime warning him of the Decepticons recent unrest. Kup suggest summoning the Wreckers and putting them down before they try something but Optimus vetoes him, seeming disinterested in it all. As history continues to be recalled, Soundwave and his warriors make their move, breaking into some facility. From there, Soundwave reprograms a defense satellite to strike a target on the surface--the exact location of (Spoiler. Highlight to read redacted text)The Last Autobot! He is destroyed, much to everyone's shock.
   The War has begun anew...

Comments: Most of the story serves as a continuity primer more then anything else but what parts are new--wow! Marvel's G1 continuity is, by and far, my favorite G1 continuity period. I've written fanzines and fanfics relating back to it. Fumanisms often get used in my writings (It is over. Finished!) And now, it's back. I can only hope this series reignites the magic of the original G1 comic (and G2 as well).
   If the story is classic Simon Furman then the art is classic Andrew Wildman. Stephen Baskerville inks like back in the old days and even the word balloons are done the same.
   One minor nitpick--Soundwave gives a long-winded speech in the story. It's necessary to move the plot along but I always preferred the monotone cartoon Soundwave more so seeming him giving a speech strikes me as weird.
   I also can't believe they destroyed (Spoiler. Highlight to read redacted text) The Last Autobot! I guess we'll never get to find out if he had a personality or not. :) Still, it was necessary for the story to move forward, so, oh well...
   Can't wait for the new issues to come!  Bring it on!

Verdict: Awesome! The best Transformers comic I've read in years--and that's only slightly hyperbole. :)

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