Friday, July 16, 2010

minor TM site updates...

I updated the Comics section slightly.

- IDW's Wreckers series was incorrectly listed as being four issues (instead of five).

- Added an entry for the Ironhide mini-series.

- Added entries for IDW's two Beast Wars series (which I had somehow overlooked the first time. Maybe because they weren't all the great in the first place and I forgot them? :)

- Added a listing for the Drift mini-series (not sure how long it is. I assume four issues but I'm not certain).

Also, and perhaps most importantly, I decided to try a new website banner out! It's an attempt at adding some more graphic flair to the site (and just doing something new with the banner image). Do you like it? Hate it? Feel indifferent? Let me know!


Also, work continues on the next Transmasters issue for August... my comic strip is still behind but several other items are done up already. Contributions are always welcome!

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