Friday, April 09, 2010

quick site update...

Just to let everyone know, the TM website now has almost all of the Transmasters Magazine and Transmasters Comics from a couple of years ago (many thanks to Peter Phelps for his help on this). We now have issues 1, 3-5 of the magazine and issues 0, 1, 3-5, Xmas 97 for the comic. Issue 2 (of both series) is the only thing we don't have--Peter sent me some files for those too but some graphic files are missing from the comic issue and the magazine is missing many html files unfortunately (so I opted to leave them both off until/unless we can get them set-up right). Currently, they're all on the Magazine section of the site:

Also, the forthcoming issue #6 should be out in May on schedule (still working on the comic strip but everything else is ready).



UberNerdyBoy said...

I'll have a look around on my hard drive. I did download some of that stuff. btw, when should entries for the next magazine be ready ? I get the keys to my house on the 29th of April so I may be able to cram some (probably black and white) pages out. No promises however.

Thunder said...

I think I'll have the issue out in early May some time. Probably by about May 6th (which is my birthday, so that would be cool!) If you have something ready in time, great. If not, maybe for the next issue (I plan to do that in August).